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How to Write a Video Script [+9 Free Templates]

How to Write a Video Script [+9 Free Templates]

Master the art of video script writing to save time and achieve your goals through this article. Utilize nine free templates and start your creative journey today!
What we'll cover

Creating videos that capture your audience's attention is the essence of modern storytelling. Video script templates have proven instrumental in transforming creativity and efficiency.

The marvel of Maekersuite's video script writing services is how they take this transformation further. With a user-friendly interface and a wide array of templates, the process becomes even more accessible. Add in our AI-powered technology, and you have a tool that crafts professional-grade scripts like never before.

But how do you take advantage of the video script and the scriptwriting templates?

Let’s explore the fascinating blend of AI scriptwriting and how Maekersuite intertwines analytics with scripting to craft compelling video scripts. 

What is a Video Script?

A logo of writing a video script and a camera

A video script is a blueprint for video production that guides visual and audio elements. Its precise detail sets the stage for compelling content that speaks to the viewer. The structure of a video script plays a pivotal role in communicating a message.

Imagine constructing a building without a blueprint; it's likely to crumble. 

A well-structured video script ensures the video communicates its intended message. Structuring video content is the foundation of impactful storytelling.

A great script consists of a few main components, including:

Title and Concept

The title draws the viewer in, while the concept outlines the central idea. These elements set the tone and guide the rest of the content.


The introduction hooks the audience. It gives a preview of what's coming. An engaging introduction is key to retaining the audience's attention.


Here lies the meat of the video script, where you flesh out the main ideas. You need to craft each section within the body to build on the previous one. This way, you ensure a good flow of information.


The conclusion wraps up the videos, summarizing the main points and leaving the viewer with a lasting impression. It often includes a call to action that guides the viewer on what to do next.

Visual and Audio Descriptions

These include directions for visuals and sounds. They guide the video's look and feel. Ensure you align the visual and audio elements with the script's words.


Transitions link various sections for a smooth flow from one part to the next. They are the connecting threads that weave the story together.


These mark the duration of each section. YouTube’s introduction of video chapters makes this section more crucial. It also helps maintain a consistent pace throughout the video.

Crafting a video script requires a careful balance of creativity and structure. With the right approach, these components form a narrative that speaks to the audience.

How to Write a Video Script

Steps to writing a video script

Mastering the art of video scriptwriting involves understanding the audience, setting clear goals, and crafting a narrative that connects.

Here's a step-by-step guide to achieving a well-structured and engaging video script:

Generate Some Content Ideas

Your video script may lack direction and appeal without creative and relevant ideas. This phase helps ensure the content resonates with the audience, serves its purpose, and remains engaging. 

For instance, if you are creating a video on healthy eating, brainstorming will allow you to explore various angles, such as meal planning, nutritional benefits, or even cooking tutorials.

Explore different themes and angles. Use tools like Maekersuite's Video Content Planner to organize and develop these ideas. This first step sets the direction for everything that follows. It helps align your content with your vision.

Choose Your Target Audience

Creating content without a target audience is like driving without directions.
For example, if you're creating content about advanced technological gadgets but targeting an audience unfamiliar with technology, it will fall flat. 
To find your target audience, you must understand their needs, preferences, and pain points. This understanding helps craft content that speaks to them. Some of the common ways to find your target audience include:

  • Social media analysis: Engaging with followers and analyzing their profiles can reveal valuable information.f
  • Competitor research: Look at who interacts with competitors' content to gauge shared interests.
  • Comment sections: Observing conversations in comment sections of similar content or competitors can uncover the pain point or need of your audience.

These strategies allow you to align your content with your audience's preferences, enhancing its impact.

Set a Goal for Your Video

To get a video script that delivers, you must first define the purpose of your video. Some of the potential goals that guide scriptwriting are:

  • Inform: Educate the audience on a specific topic or issue.
  • Entertain: Provide amusement or enjoyment through engaging content.
  • Persuade: Convince viewers to adopt a particular viewpoint or take action.
  • Inspire: Motivate the audience towards personal growth or change.
  • Promote: Market a product, service, or brand to increase awareness or sales.

A clear goal helps you stay focused and on track. Knowing the purpose ensures that each section of your video script contributes to achieving that goal.

Write a Killer Title

The title is the first thing your audience sees, and it must make them want to watch more. A killer title intrigues, promises value, and resonates with the viewer. 

For instance, a bland title like "Gardening Tips" might not capture attention. But "Grow Your Dream Garden in 30 Days: Pro Tips Revealed!" is exciting and promises a specific benefit. This kind of title can spark curiosity and lure viewers in.

You can use Maekersuite's Video Title Generator to create a catchy and relevant title. Your title sets the tone and gives viewers a glimpse of what's to come.

Craft a Brief and Outline

Creating a brief and an outline is like building the skeleton of your video script. It ensures that your content has a coherent structure, a logical flow, and all the essential elements. Without this planning stage, you might find yourself lost in a maze of ideas that leads to a chaotic and ineffective video script.

Maekersuite's Video Outline Generator can help you easily create a brief and an outline. This outline is your roadmap and guides you as you write the script.

Write the Script Section by Section

Now, put pen to paper. Writing the video script section by section ensures that each part of the script aligns with the goal and flows into the next.

If you give each part the attention it deserves, you ensure it contributes to the narrative. This approach leads to a well-crafted video script that engages the viewer from start to finish without jarring or disconnected parts.

With Maekersuite's Video Script Writing tool, this process becomes seamless. Pay attention to flow and consistency to create a story that captivates your audience.

Include a Hook & a CTA

The opening hook captures interest. The Call to Action (CTA) guides viewers on the next steps.

They are the bookends of your video script. The hook engages the audience at the start, and the CTA directs them at the end. Maekersuite's YouTube Intro Maker can help you craft these essential elements, ensuring users click on your video and watch it long enough to take the desired action.  

Refine and Edit Your Script

Editing is about polishing your message and giving it better clarity and flow. This step transforms your video script from good to great, where every word aligns with your goal.

Practice Off-Camera

Finally, practice, practice, and practice some more. Read the video script aloud, feel the words, and adjust as needed. This off-camera rehearsal helps you find the natural rhythm and tone that connect with your viewers.

The journey of video scriptwriting is a blend of creativity, strategy, and meticulous crafting. It's about creating a meaningful connection with your audience. Follow these steps and harness tools like Maekersuite for writing video scripts that inform, entertain, and drive action and results.

9 Winning Video Script Templates

Video script templates serve as a ready-to-use blueprint that simplifies content creation. They provide a structured approach that reduces time and effort while maintaining quality.

Here's a look at nine versatile and effective video script templates to create the final video:

Template 1: How-to Video Script

This free video script template serves as a guide for step-by-step tutorials. It's perfect for those who aim to teach a specific skill or process. You can break down complex tasks into manageable steps and make them accessible to your audience.
What’s the purpose of a how-to video script template?

  • It breaks complex tasks into simple, manageable steps.
  • It enables a detailed, step-by-step explanation.
  • It supports visual learners by aligning with visual elements.
A step-by-step content outline example of how to blur moving objects in videos

Source: InVideo

Template 2: Educational Video Script

This video script template is designed for educators and learners and focuses on imparting knowledge. It's well-suited for classroom lessons, online courses, or informational videos because it structures the content for clear understanding.
What’s the purpose of an educational video script template?

  • It facilitates understanding of complex academic subjects.
  • It promotes engagement through structured content delivery.
  • It enhances learner retention through clear communication.
An example outline of an educational video script

Source: WordPress

Template 3: Video Testimonial Script

Showcase customer experiences and feedback with this video script template. It’s ideal for businesses that want to build trust and credibility. Share real-life stories and video testimonials that resonate with potential customers.

What’s the purpose of a testimonial video script template?

  • It builds brand credibility through authentic customer voices.
  • It enhances trust by showcasing real experiences.
  • It encourages potential clients through relatable stories.
Example video testimonial script showing visual and audio columns

Source: Inbound Video Marketing

Template 4: Product Tour or Explainer Video Script

Introduce new products or explain complex concepts using this template. This free video script template is designed to show features, benefits, and how a product or concept works. Engage your audience with a clear and concise tour.

What’s the purpose of a product tour or explainer video script template?

  • It simplifies complex product features or concepts.
  • It enhances user understanding through clear explanations.
  • It increases product adoption by providing essential guides.
Example explainer video script with audio and video as columns

Source: Brightcove

Template 5: Brand Promotion Script

Promote your brand, highlight its unique selling points, and connect with your target market through this video script template. It’s tailor-made for marketing campaigns and advertisements.

What’s the purpose of a brand promotion video script template?

  • It strengthens brand identity and messaging.
  • It engages the target audience through resonating content.
  • It supports various advertising and promotional campaigns.
Example brand promotion script

Source: YouTube, Uber

Template 6: Video Announcement Script

This free video script template is for making announcements or sharing news. Suitable for corporate announcements, product launches, or general news, you can structure your message for maximum impact.

What’s the purpose of an announcement video script template?

  • It ensures clear communication of important news.
  • It engages the audience effectively.
  • It provides consistency in messaging across different channels.

An example of a video announcement script

Source: YouTube

Template 7: Training Video Script

Enable effective training sessions with this specialized template. This video script template is ideal for workplace training, workshops, or educational content. It allows you to structure lessons in an engaging and interactive manner.

What’s the purpose of a training video script template?

  • It creates structured training content for employee development.
  • It enhances engagement and retention during training sessions.
  • It supports skill enhancement within the organization.
Example training video script

Source: YouTube

Template 8: Onboarding/Orientation Video Script

Welcome new hires or guide users through a new process using this template. Create an engaging and supportive onboarding experience that makes the transition smooth and gives new hires the best chance of succeeding.

What’s the purpose of an onboarding video script template?

  • It streamlines the welcoming process for new hires or users.
  • It creates a positive initiation experience.
  • It sets clear expectations and guides newcomers through the initial stages.
Example employee onboarding video script

Template 9: Listicle Video Script

Listicles are one of the most popular formats on YouTube for a reason, and this video script template helps you craft engaging list-based content. It is an excellent format for countdowns, top 10 lists, or any content that benefits from a ranked format.

What’s the purpose of a listicle video script template?

  • It organizes information in an easily digestible format.
  • It appeals to viewers who enjoy ranked or listed content.
  • It simplifies content presentation for various topics.
Example listicle video script template

Each of these templates serves a unique purpose and targets a specific audience. Tailor them to your business goals and content requirements for a winning YouTube script that resonates with your viewers.

Speed up Script Writing with AI

Through this article, we’ve learned:

  • The importance of structuring video content effectively.
  • Mastery of video scriptwriting through comprehensive steps.
  • Selection of suitable templates for various video projects.
  • The power of AI in optimizing scriptwriting.

Maekersuite has emerged as a leader in scriptwriting by intertwining analytics with scripting. It's not about writing; it's about making intelligent decisions to craft compelling narratives.

The impact of AI on scriptwriting is profound. It saves time, optimizes resources, and ensures the content is of the highest quality. Maekersuite's AI capabilities aren’t only about improving efficiency; they transform the entire video editing experience.

Ready to elevate your video editing?

Explore Maekersuite's innovative AI-powered features and take the first step towards an enhanced video creation journey.

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