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Turn your creative vision into a production-ready script with our intuitive script-writing tool.

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The Best Online Video Script Writing Tool 

Looking for the best online video script-writing tool? Look no further. Whether you are a freelancer who wants to build your personal brand or a business owner who wants to reach their audience through videos, Makersuite's video script-writing tool is exactly what you need to nail your video creation process. Our pre-built templates are divided into sections that give your script-writing process a starting point and structure. Then, complete your script and hit the record button to create amazing videos. 

How to write scripts in 3 easy steps

Select a template 

Makersuite gives freelancers, business owners, and marketers different script templates based on the purpose of the video and the platform they want to use. If you already have an idea, Makersuite gives you a canvas to write your scripts. 

Fill in the sections

Makersuite's script templates are divided into sections so you can structure your script and create compelling videos. You will also find explanations in each section to give you an idea of how to write it.

Record your videos

Once you are done with writing scripts, press the record button to start recording your video. Our teleprompter allows you to record your video in blocks, making the process much faster and more efficient.

Break through the creative block

Break through the creative block

The most common problem with scriptwriting is facing creative blocks. With templates in place, you can easily structure your writing, improve your messaging, and streamline your video creation process without spending too much time. Our video script templates are divided into sections that include explanations and possible answers, making it quite easy for users to start with the writing process. 

Write attention-grabbing scripts

Makersuite offers an array of catchy video script templates for all occasions. Whether you are a freelancer, marketer, or business owner, you will find templates for building your personal brand, selling products, onboarding employees and supporting customers. A well-laid structure with bite-sized sections makes these templates ten times more valuable. 

Get the bang for your buck

Get the bang for your buck

If you were looking for a solution that made writing and recording video scripts seamless, then Makersuite is just for you. After you write your script, you can easily record your video on your web or iOS app. Our teleprompter allows you to record your video in segments, making the video creation process much more efficient. 


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