Pricing that scales as you do

Simplify your video pre-production workflow with Maekersuite, everything you need for professional-quality content creation in one place.
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Free forever
For everyone looking to use our platform without AI-enhanced features.
Up to 3 scripts
Up to 3 explorations
No AI-generated words
No fact-check available
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For individuals that want to plan and manage their content.
Up to 15 scripts
Up to 15 explorations
Up to 30 descriptions
Unlimited AI-generated words
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For professionals that make content every month to grow.
Up to 100 scripts
Up to 100 explorations
Up to 100 descriptions
Unlimited AI-generated words
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For experts or service providers that create content for themselves and others.
Unlimited scripts
Unlimited explorations
Unlimited descriptions
Unlimited AI-generated words