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Your video content strategy, unlocked.

We predict what works based on what's already trending. A pre-production tool for ideating, planning and improving your video content.

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Engineered to deliver ROI

Take the guesswork out of video production

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Modelled on YouTube

Maekersuite is modelled after YouTube's powerful recommended videos algorithm. It assesses thousands of videos and uses a proprietary formula to extract video ideas with the highest potential to go viral.

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Specific to your niche

Using your keywords and target audience, Maekersuite runs an analysis of your niche, assessing thousands of videos to determine ideas that are most likely to get recommended and watched by your audience.

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Designed to grow

We don’t stop at video ideas. With Maekersuite you are able to generate video scripts, titles and descriptions not only for topics your existing audience will enjoy but also adjacent topics that can help you grow you audience.

Used by 7,000+ creators and marketing teams

How it works

Generate a video content strategy in minutes

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Content planning that improves as you go

Maekersuite improves your content plan over time, learning what works (and what doesn't land) with your audience.

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A repository of endless trending ideas

Plug in a few keywords and open up a never-ending stream of ideas for your niche.

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What our customers say

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The Video Content Explorer has been a game changer for our video research. It’s easy to use and the quality of data we receive allows us to create much more targeted content.
Tara Williams - Marketing Manager - Franc App
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We use their script writing feature and profit tremendously as we can get to a first draft of a script much quicker than we could manually.
Lior van Embden - CMO - Blok
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As a globally operating venture firm, Maekersuite allows us our content strategists to quickly and efficiently create content roadmaps for each of our global teams, saving us time and resources.
Ollie Purdue - Partner - Antler

Auto-generate optimized content

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Tools for everyone

Generate optimized outlines and unique scripts for your video. Create chapter-based video content designed to capture interest and improve engagement.

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SEO optimized from the get-go

Get scoring per keyword and make data-driven decisions on the ROI of the content, before you create it

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Auto-generate optimized content

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A brainstorming tool for your team's weekly/quarterly planning

Maekersuite puts an end to creative fatigue, offering an endless supply of ideas and content based on what we know already works with your audience.

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Grow your audience

Our content explorer will help you understand what topics and videos will still be relevant for your audience AND help you grow to by diversifying your content

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Maekersuite analyzes 20,000 trending and competitor videos per keyword to generate ideas, outlines, and scripts—based on what’s most likely to convert your audience.

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