This is saving me hours.
Nadir Nahdi, Influencer
“Maekersuite has allowed me to create my videos so much quicker. I don’t have to fiddle around with all this gear and I don’t even have to edit, which is the best part.

I can highly recommend this product to everyone who wants to save time creating video.”
They are my go to video tool.
Niels Constanda, Consultant & Recruiter
“I wanted to streamline my video production process in order to produce more content for LinkedIn.

I am a recruiter and working with Maekersuite has made my life a lot easier. They are my go to video tool.”

Reached further with Maekersuite.
Anelisa Maswana, Franc App
“We knew that our blog content could reach more people through video, but weren't sure how to go about it.

Maekersuite made everything so simple, with the team supporting us every step of the way.”

Video does not have to be complicated
Teresa Turner, TMS
“The media shop is always looking for wider audience and video creation was something we thought about a lot. but weren't sure how to go about it.

Our experience with Maekersuite helped us realise that it doesn't have to complicated. Highly recommended.”
Having a good video tools as easy as this has really
helped move our business forward
Lior van Embden, CMO Simple Capital
“Using this App and Maekersuite Business Service allowed us to use video for more opportunities.

We use it to create video for Social, to update our partners or even to streamline our sales process."

We do video. because now we can.
Marcus Madelung, Head of Market Business Unity Quality Management
Consulting DACH
“A a global consulting & tech company it is not easy to get employees and team leads motivated to create video content, but our experience has shown that we need video to reach our goals.
Maekersuite has enabled the whole organization to become video content creators having to do seminars or learn how to use complicated video equipment."
Videos helped us streamline our acquisition process for new
founders here at Antler.
Ollie Purdue. Partner Antler London
“The part we most needed help with was writing scripts and I don't think we'd have been able to succeed without Maekersuite."