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How to Write a Video Script: Template + Guide

How to Write a Video Script: Template + Guide

What we'll cover

Learning how to shoot a video is one thing but knowing how to write a powerful script is what will elevate your video content and get your message heard. 

To bring an idea to life you first write it down somewhere and from there you develop it into something more - a concept or a video script. 

It's a video script that allows you to organise and structure your thoughts so you can express yourself clearly, control the story, and capture the attention of those you want to reach. The essence of any video always comes down to telling a story that is entertaining and is easy to follow. Only then will the viewer continue to watch and build a relationship with you and your content.

That’s why we wrote this blog piece and included a video script example- to help you create an awesome video script from start to finish.

In this blog we’ll cover:

What is a video script?

Most professional video creators write a script for their videos, yet almost all beginners we talk to believe that a script limits them.

A video script is a written description of the video you will be recording. It's used by YouTubers, marketers and entrepreneurs to help them create content that's more engaging and effective.

A video script can help you organize your thoughts before you start filming, making it easier to focus on what you're trying to say. It also helps you avoid awkward pauses and filler words that can ruin a video's flow.

Writing a video script also helps you make sure all your points are covered in the right order, so that viewers don't get confused or lose interest halfway through the clip. This can also help ensure that you stay on point when answering questions or comments from others while recording!

What Makes a Good Video Script?

The top 4 elements of making a good video script:

  1. Your video script structure. Think of it like a story: you have a beginning, middle and end. Don't be afraid to add some fun details or jokes along the way, but keep things organized so that your viewers know what they're getting into before they watch it. 
  2. Tailor the script to your channel when using a video script template. For example, a TikTok video script will be dramatically shorter than a longer YouTube video. A good idea is to have a few video script templates and then once you write a script for one frame work you can copy paste/ repurpose it for another video channel.
  3. Be as concise as possible! You want to get right to the point without wasting time on filler. Your audience wants to know what they can expect from your video right away, so don't waste any time on generalities or background information that isn't necessary for understanding why you're making this video in the first place (and what they can expect).
  4. Stick to the topic! Even though it may seem obvious at first glance that you should stay focused on one topic at a time when writing a script for a video project, if you find yourself veering off topic simply turn this into another video and refer to that video in your current one (great for SEO and engagement too).
  5. Use a style you will feel natural recording. The closer the language is to the way you normally talk will make it much easier for you to record.

Video Script Templates in Maekersuite

Below are some of our most popular video scripts examples and templates- majority of them are explainer videos.  They include guidance per section and also have a word counter so you can make sure you don’t go over the limit or use unnecessary words. They will help you save time and make better video content.

  • SaaS overview video for your website: Using an overview video is a quick way to explain who you are and what value you offer your customers. Recommended time: 1-2 mins.
  • Give an Investor Update in 3 Minutes: This video provides a concise update for investors and keeps them aware of new developments. Recommended time: 3 mins
  • Why my product or service is useful for you [B2B sales video]: A good sales video is key to secure clients. Recommended time:1 - 2 mins
  • Give an overview of your business: Using an overview video is a quick way to explain who you are and what value you offer your customers. Recommended time: 1-2 mins
  • Explain your product in 1-2 minutes: Communicate what your product does, how it works and why it adds value. Recommended time: 1-2 mins
  • Explain the Benefits of… This is a great way to sell by educating. Create content that truly interests users. Recommended time: 1:30-2 mins
  • Explain a Topic in 2 minutes: A great way to advertise your product whilst educating your audience on a wider issue. Recommended Time: 1.30 mins
  • Pitch your company to investors: An efficient way to allow potential investors to get to know you and digest information. Recommended time: 3 mins
  • Crowd Funding Video: An effective method to raise funds and allow potential investors to get to know you. Recommended time - 2 mins

Download Your Free Video Script Template

Link to video script template here

How to Write a Video Script?

In general you always need three parts to make sure that your video script works.

  1. Have a Hook in the beginning that will capture your viewer's attention.
  2. Have your main content and the things you want to say in the middle part of your video.
  3. At the very end always conclude with your main points and a direct call-to-action.

So let's go a little deeper now and talk about all three parts in more detail.

The Hook at the beginning is the part where you tell your audience what they are going to learn or what they are going to gain from watching this video. For example, at the beginning of this video I said “In this video we will share how to best write your script in order to drive views and engagement with your video.”

In the main part of your script you should always talk about your core message. You should take reference to your hook and give examples that make your statements more tangible and easier to understand.

Remember to keep this part structured as well. Make a statement and give examples of why your statement is correct. Then move on to your next statement. Allow people to follow what you are saying by structuring it for them.

At the end of every video you should have a CTA. We always say something like: “if you enjoyed watching this video, you will also like this other tutorial video we have created, so go and watch that”.

A CTA may not always be related to another video, but you can tell your audience to read a specific article on your website, like a post, reach out to you, or book one of the services you offer.

Follow the Hook, Content and CTA video structure to allow your audience to easily follow what you are saying.

Set Your Objectives

Setting clear goals is an essential part of the process of writing a script and planning your videos. If you can't articulate what you're trying to accomplish and how you're going to get there, it's going to be impossible to create a video that works!

Your objectives (which could come from your marketing strategy or video marketing plan) will help you focus on what your user is trying to accomplish, and therefore what  information/ parts to prioritize to be most helpful to them.

For example, if you're creating a script for a video that teaches users how to bake cookies, setting clear goals might include:

  • What are the benefits of learning how to bake cookies?
  • How many cookies will the user be able to bake at once?
  • How much time does it take to prepare the ingredients and make each batch of cookies?
  • Does it take longer or less time when you make more batches at once?

Always think about how you are creating value for your audience.

Choose Your Target Audience 

When creating video content you have to go niche to be successful! Especially in the beginning. It is important to understand your ideal customer profile, because they are the real catalysts for growth in the beginning.

We can’t emphasize this enough, It is so important to understand your niche and capatilze on it. Often over 80% of a company’s revenues comes from only 10% of its customers. 

So, how do we find a niche? You have to ask yourself a couple of questions. 

1) Do you already have a loyal customer base? 

2) What do these customers have in common? 

3) How are they using your product or service? 

Take your time to find the answers and you’ll be one step closer to knowing who you need to address with your video content.

Start With a Brief

Writing a rough outline is a good way to think through the goals and audience of your video, and make sure that you don't miss anything important.

To start, ask yourself: Who is my audience? What do they need to know? What are their goals?

Then, write down answers to these questions: What problem does this video solve for my audience? How will it solve that problem? Why should they watch this video? How will I get them to watch it (what's the hook)? What do I want them to do after watching the video (call to action)?

During this exercise you can also thing about the visual and audio elements to incorporate to make your video more compelling, for example, b roll and other visual cues.

Make sure you have all of these answers before you start writing your video script.

Write Your Outline

A video outline will be very similar to one of our video script templates above. The outline depends on the video purpose, the channel you’re sharing it on and subsequently the length of the video.

Regardless of the above we generally follow the HCC framework (Hook, Content, Call to Action). Longer videos will have sub sections, especially in the Content part. 

We always recommend having a very good hook, if you don’t start strong and make the user want to listen to you, then the rest of your content won’t even matter as the audience will never get there!

Ok some other cool news, is our App can actually help you do this- check our ideation tool here.

Write Your Script, Block by Block

Structured content is key to quality content. The way a video flows contributes to the way your information is received.  Maekersuite's succinct blocks feature allows you to plan and edit your video script with ease.

Writing a video script is an art. You don't want to sound too formal, but you also need to be clear and concise. The first step is to break up your script into short chunks of text that can easily be recorded in video clips and even repurposed if needed. These chunks are called "blocks" in Maekersuite.

Here are some tips for writing scripts:

  1. Try not to write long paragraphs; keep them short and sweet.
  2. Keep track of your word count and really critise if certain information or phrases are necessary- you will be shocked when you notice how many “filler” words we used
  3. Use words that people will understand easily (e.g., instead of saying "I am going" say "I'm going").
maekersuite Projects page mostly text fields and barcodes on the right side

Edit Your Video Script

You can edit your script in the scripting screen. The first thing you'll want to do is check the word count, as well as make sure that there are no unnecessary words or phrases. Then, you can move through the script and make edits where necessary. You can also add in new blocks if you want to record shorter sections or break your longer video into smaller ones.

We also added a new feature… so you know when you're reading your script off a teleprompter and the words just feel off? You can't quite put your finger on why, but it's like you're stumbling over a phrase or two. Well, now you can edit your script while you're recording!

Just click in the scroll bar of the teleprompter screen (while you're on record) and type away. Finally, no more awkward pauses while you fix a typo or add an extra word.

Read Your Script out Loud

a bubble that says Block 2 with text field and a girl with long hair smiling on the right side

Reading your script out loud before you get into record mode has many benefits. 

You'll be able to hear if you're using the right words and phrases. Sometimes when you're typing, it's easy to overlook a word that doesn't quite sound right. Reading your script out loud will help you catch these types of mistakes.

You'll be able to hear if there are parts that need better flow or structure. If one section isn't flowing well, reading it outloud can help you figure out why and how to fix it.

You'll be able to hear if there are any confusing parts of your script that might confuse someone who isn't familiar with the world you're creating or characters' backgrounds and relationships. If something sounds confusing when read outloud, then there's probably something wrong with how it's written!

It will also help you look more natural in front of the camera as you’ll be familiar with the text and how you want to deliver the message.

Ask for Constructive Feedback

When you're writing your video script, it can help to get some feedback from someone who has a similar skill level and is in your target audience. They can tell you if they understand what you're saying and if they'd like to see more of something or less of something else.

Tell Your Story with Maekersuite

Maekersuite is a platform that makes recording and telling your story easy. We have all the tools you need to turn your words into a script, and our easy-to-use recording features will help you get started.

Whether you want to share your personal story or promote an event, Maekersuite can help you reach more people and make an impact with your message.

Get started today!

Final Words

Ok so what did we learn? 

  • First of all scripts are super important to get your messaging spot on and ensure you’re creating something your audience will want to watch! 
  • Leverage the HCC framework (Hook, Content, CTA) when writing your scripts. 
  • Tailor your video scripts to the use case and channel
  • Leverage some of our awesome script templates for inspiration or help!

Get started now!

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