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The numbers explained

We take pride in being a data-centric company. Our goal is to help you use data to make informed decisions about what content you could be creating. You provide us with keywords for your business/ audience and we analyse up to 20,000 videos covering those keywords. In total, our data set comprises over 175,000 data points.

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Videos analysed

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Data points

You can use our Content Explorer to visualise the following data:

Topic Clusters

Topic clusters are collections of videos analysed that are closely related based on their title and content. Topical clusters contain a collection of videos that are watched by the same audience.

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How relevant is the set of videos in a cluster based on your keywords (how similar the video title is to the keywords you input)

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An indication of how well the topic has performed based on the videos in the sample set. It looks at the variety of channels in the cluster (i.e. if all videos are from the same YouTube channel, viewers likely watch for their specific personality) and the average performance score of videos in the topic cluster. Performance score measures how well a video has performed vs other videos with the same channel size and time since publication.

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Number of videos covering the topic: While we do not analyse the entire universe of videos, the sample can give an indication of which video topic is most popular to create.

Other metrics that are useful to compare are engagement and volume metrics. You want to create a video with high engagement, but you may think twice if only two people are watching it. You can compare topics using the following engagement and volume metrics:

Engagement metrics

Watch time is also a useful metric which we will be adding in the future

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Median likes and comments

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Average likes and comments

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Watch time (coming soon)

Engagement metrics

Watch time is also a useful metric which we will be adding in the future

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Total views

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Total subscribers

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Aggregated comments and likes per topic

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Topic deep dive

Once you’ve chosen a video topic you can explore up to 50 of the top YouTube videos on that topic. For each video you can see:

  • The Performance Score [0 to 100]: This score measures how well a video has performed based on it’s time since publication, it’s engagement and total views
  • The length of the video
  • The Channel that created the video
  • The video description
  • Total views
  • Total comments and likes

Get inspiration

Each topic you select will provide recommended video ideas with optimised video titles that you can add to your team content calendar. You can generate more video ideas by browsing different topics or generating a new search with updated keywords.

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