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We take pride in being a data-centric company. Our goal is to help you use data to make informed decisions about what content you could be creating. You provide us with keywords for your business/ audience and we analyse up to 8,000 videos covering those keywords. In total, our data set comprises over 83 million data points.
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Videos analysed

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Data points

Our Video Content Explorer analyses up to 8,000 of YouTube’s most popular videos and selects the 400 most relevant ones which are then arranged in topic clusters based on their content and viewer preferences.

You can use our Content Explorer to visualise the following data:

Topic Clusters

Topic clusters are collections of analysed videos that are closely related based on their title, content and viewer’s watching behaviour. Topical clusters contain a collection of videos that are watched by the same audience.
For each topic cluster, you can analyse the following data


How relevant the videos within the topic are to your keywords. A higher relevance score will mean that it is more likely that your audience will be interested in the videos and that making a video in that cluster will help you grow your channel

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The quality score indicates how good a cluster is for you to publish a video in. This does not consider the relevance of the cluster, but looks at the expected success a video has in the cluster based on the video’s performance score, how diverse the channels uploading video about this topic are, how open the audience is to up-and-coming channels and more.


We don’t only collect data on broad topic clusters, but also retrieve advanced metrics about individual videos.
For each video, you can analyse the following data

Engagement Metrics

Engagement Metrics like Comments and Likes give you good indications regarding how much an audience engages with a video. We also flag videos with suspiciously low engagement that may be viewbotted.

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Watch Intensity

The watch intensity curve lets you understand what parts of a video the audience engages with and finds interesting. If a video section has particularly high watch intensity it may be a good indicator that you should focus on similar talking points


We analyse the whole video script based on for it’s sentiment. Depending on the topic, opinionated or neutral content may resonate more or less with your audience, so the Sentiment score gives you a quick glance at the general tone of the video.

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Ui illustration showing generated tags, video summary and description


Get a summary of the video’s contents at a quick glance.


The whole video outline in a ready-to-paste structure. Copy the parts you need and create the perfect video.

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Get Inspiration

Each topic you select will provide recommended video ideas with optimised video titles that you can add to your team content calendar. You can generate more video ideas by browsing different topics or generating a new search with updated keywords.

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