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13 Best Teleprompter Apps for 2023

The 13 Best Teleprompter Apps! Discover how to use a teleprompter and the best ones out there... read more

Using a teleprompter app is a great way to speed up your video creation process. Record in just a couple of takes, reducing the amount of video footage you need to record and edit. Leveraging a video teleprompter app also forces you to plan and script your videos helping you stay focused while incorporating best practices. The end result is a higher quality video which will improve your video engagement metrics and watch time. It also helps with confidence in front of the camera, as all you need to focus on is your performance in front of the camera rather than having to think about what you need to say.But there are A LOT of teleprompter apps out there, and it can feel overwhelming deciding which one to use. As a recording and scripting app, we’ve studied the best teleprompter apps for 2023.

What we'll cover

How to use a Script While Looking at the Camera

Teleprompters allow you to record while you read off the screen. Helping you speed up the time to record, while ensuring you say the right things, at the right speed. Instead of focusing on what you have to say you can master your performance in front of the camera- that’s why many creators and most news anchors use them.

That said you don’t need to read every word, the best way to look natural while using a teleprompter app is to use it more like an aid or for cue points. The best presenters prepare before they record and improvise certain words or phrases to look more natural in front of the camera. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in front of the camera and make eye contact. 

What is the Best Teleprompter App?

We’ve made a list of the top free teleprompter apps in the market. The list is pretty comprehensive from apps that turn your device into a teleprompter while you record on another device to those that do both. Recording on browser, iphone, DSLR or android the below will have you covered.

1. Maekersuite Teleprompter App

Maekersuite is available via our web and iOS app that seamlessly integrate, why’s this great? Because you can script on your laptop, but record on your mobile for higher resolution and video quality. The teleprompter app was made by video creators to help save you time- how do we do it? BLOCKS. Everything is modular- record and script in bite size pieces for maximum efficiency- saving users up to 80% of time. No more long takes that you need to redo a million times. Break your script up and record in increments. Block by block- keeping you fresh and enabling you to enjoy the experience without getting “redo fatigue”. Our free teleprompter app enables mobile users to record in both landscape and portrait mode. We have. countdown timer to help you get in place and you can even adjust your script on the fly within the text scroll area. For those of you looking to save even more time we offer editing support services that can easily be used within the app!

2.  Parrot Teleprompter App

Parrot teleprompter is one of the oldest teleprompter apps out there- it’s available on iOS and android devices and is free to use. If you’re looking to record on the web this may not be the best app to use unless you’re happy to buy their teleprompter device. While buying another add-on accessory may not be a good solution for those wanting mobility, it's great for connecting to higher end recording cameras that will give you higher video quality e.g. a DSLR camera. 


If you’re looking to record a quick video on your desktop device could be a good fit. This video editing and teleprompter software is intuitive and they have many great tools. That said you will need to position your teleprompter as close to the camera as possible as they don’t do this for you. Also your script won’t be saved so if you’re looking for a more professional teleprompter app and enhanced scripting support this may not be the best option for you. 


BigVu is one of the most well known teleprompter apps. There is a free version, but you’ll have to survive with having their watermark on it. The app works on iOS, Android and desktop devices. In addition to this they have editing features which is great if you want to create quick short videos all in one place. 

5. Telepromter Pro Lite

Teleprompter Pro Lite was first an android app that turned your phone into a teleprompter. They also have a windows version for desktop and an iOS version. We have to flag that on iOS and mac it’s not the simplest app to use. It’s a good tool if you want to turn a mobile device into a teleprompter, but not the most intuitive for those wanting to record and teleprompt from the same device.

6. Video Teleprompter Lite

I must say we were impressed by some of the functionality of Video Teleprompter Lite. You can record using both the back and front camera and this teleprompter app also enables you to automatically add subtitles or a green screen with the click of a button. That said it’s not the simplest tool out there, but if you’re a pro and know what you’re doing we're sure you'll get the hang of it. Good value for a free teleprompter app! They also have a windows app available which is a plus- for mac users though we were unable to easily find the mac download.

7. Prompter Pal

Prompter Pal, unfortunately, is not free. That said the paid version will only set you back $6.99 a month. The app is similar to Parrot Teleprompter in that they have a hardware device and is better used as an add on to your recording device rather than a teleprompter app that helps you easily record and read your script on the same device. The app is pretty complex and not the most user friendly experience unfortunately. So if you're starting out this is probably not the best starting point.

8. SpeakFlow

SpeakFlow teleprompter app is only available on desktop. The script writing tool is easy to use and you can even import scripts or text. They also have advanced features like adjusting the width of the teleprompter. The negative point about SpeakFlow is that the teleprompter is not very close to the camera so it can appear like you’re reading which is not great if you want to look natural on screen. You can also overlay the app onto another screen- that said we couldn’t figure out how to do it effectively.

9. Teleprompter Mirror

Ok now Teleprompter Mirror has a few good advantages, first of all you don’t need to download anything- in fact you don’t even need to give them your email address. This free teleprompter can be used with any device that has a browser. While this is great for audio recordings it can’t be used on it’s own to record a video as there’s no screen recording functionality. To best use the tool we would recommend making your mobile or ipad a teleprompter and recording on another device. 

10. PromptSmart Lite

What’s cool about PromptSmart Lite is that is uses it’s own voice tracking so the teleprompter can adjust to your own speed. Similarly to Teleprompter mirror and Parrot Teleprompter app you will need another device to record yourself on. This makes recording from anywhere a lot more difficult.

11. Nano Teleprompter

Nano Teleprompter is only available on the Google Play Store, and the Maeker team are Apple lovers so we never got to try it out. We did watch a few videos though and for Android users this free teleprompter app looks very simple and intuitive to use, plus the teleprompter is positioned right by the camera so you’ll make sure you have eye contact with your audience and look natural while you record videos.

12. Elegant Teleprompter

Elegant Telepromper is an app for PCs and phones. We tried the iphone and mac versions. What’s great is that you can move the teleprompter around. We found the iphone version better quality than the mac version BUT you can’t record in landscape mode on your phone- which is essential for longer form videos. Also the app also crashed a few times while recording videos- which wasn’t great.

13. Teleprompter Online is a free, web based online teleprompter that allows you to prompt text in your browser, PC or MAC. No download or sign up required, so if you're looking for a quick solution for an online meeting this option could work. That said it's not great for recording videos as it does not have a recorder and the teleprompter is static meaning you can't move it closer to the camera.

Final Thoughts

Ok so if you want to use a pro camera and turn your phone or ipad into a teleprompter then apps like PromptSmart Lite, Parrot teleprompter and Teleprompter Mirror are great. For mobile recording the best in the game are Maekersuite’s iOS app and Bigvu. Maekersuite and Bigvu are two of the only teleprompters that sync between web and mobile devices which is a big plus for those wanting to script on their laptop device and have higher video quality from recording on their mobile phones. The pro of Maekersuite is that you can record in blocks or bite size chunks which makes recording and editing time much much faster! To find out more about how our teleprompter works click the button below.

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