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The Maekersuite promise

With Maekersuite, you're not just making video content, you're creating an experience. By harnessing AI, Maekersuite evaluates trending and competitor content, arming you with crucial insights to plan and construct engrossing videos that resonate with your audience.

How does the Video Content Explorer work in 3 steps

Step 1 - Input your Video Details & Keywords

First, open the Video Content Explorer and feed in a basic search term about the topic you want to talk about. Maekersuite uses this data as the foundation to start the research and topic analysis process to then generate compelling video ideas for you to create.

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Step 2 - AI-Powered Analysis & Generation

After the exploration has been completed you will find 5 YouTube ideas at the top of the exploration report page. These ideas are generated based on trends, keyword relevance, and successful videos within your niche.

Step 3 - Select Your Favorite Title and turn it into a script

Choose the one you believe best represents the video content you want to create and is likely to attract your target audience, you can then autogenerate a script outline from that idea and even receive a fully written script.

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Benefits of using Video Content Explorer

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Master YouTube's Algorithm

Our Video Content Explorer is your secret weapon against the ever-changing YouTube algorithm. With data-backed insights and actionable recommendations, you can consistently stay ahead of the curve.

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Boost User Engagement

By optimizing your video titles with our Video Content Explorer, you can improve user engagement, leading to longer watch times, more likes, shares, and a more active community.

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Save Resources

No more guesswork or endless hours spent on research. The Video Content Explorer does the heavy lifting, providing straightforward strategies that get results.

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Better ROI

With increased visibility, enhanced engagement, and more subscribers, you'll enjoy a better return on investment for your content.

What our users say

"The Video Content Explorer has been a game changer for our video research. It’s easy to use and the quality of data we receive allows us to create much more targeted content."
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Tara Williams
Marketing Manager - Franc App
"As a globally operating venture firm, Maekersuite allows us our content strategists to quickly and efficiently create content roadmaps for each of our global teams, saving us time and resources."
Portrait image of Ollie
Ollie Purdue
Partner Antler
"We use their script writing feature and profit tremendously as we can get to a first draft of a script much quicker than we could manually."
Portrait image of Lior
Lior van Embden
CMO - Blok
"Maekersuite allows us to use video for internal communications on a monthly basis. The process is streamlined and easy for us to manage."
Portrait image of Linda
Linda Jentsch
Team Lead Workplace Experience & Events - LucaNet AG
"It has never been easier to manage and write my content in one place. It is extremely fast and allows me to create more content in less time."
Portrait image of Nadir
Nadir Nahdi
Creator & Speaker
"I recommend this tool to everyone who is seriously interested in getting on top of their own content game."
Portrait image of Marcus
Marcus Madelung
Director Digital Transformation - Deloitte


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