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The Best Free Zoom Meeting Teleprompter

The Best Free Zoom Meeting Teleprompter

What we'll cover

If you have ever experienced giving a big presentation in front of an audience, you are probably familiar with all the anxiety, nervousness, and self-consciousness about your presentation capabilities.

Using a teleprompter in such cases is one of the best solutions to control your anxiety with ease while keeping direct eye contact with your audience. 

Although there are numerous strategies to help you control your public speaking anxiety, a teleprompter is probably the most optimum solution that does not even require being experienced in it. All you have to do is sign up or download a teleprompter and notice all your nervousness is fading in a flash. 

It is always a wise piece of advice to have a teleprompter app by your side. It will help you go through your presentation with peace of mind and cover all the key points. In this post, we will discuss using a teleprompter for Zoom conference calls. 

Is There a Free Zoom Teleprompter?

Yes, and that is the Maekersuite teleprompter. 

Maekersuite offers a teleprompter app that can be used for conference calls, interviews, presentations, and pre-recorded video content. It is easy to use and users can take advantage of it on any computer equipped with a video camera. 

If you need higher video quality, the good news is that the Maekersuite teleprompter app is compatible with most webcams. You just need to plug in and go. Plus, the app comes with an intuitive teleprompter window interface that simplifies how you control the presentation and access other features of the app. 

You can use the Maekersuite accessory that comes with a handy app to create slide presentations while you are being recorded by the camera on your phone or any other recording device. If you do not want to make mistakes while speaking in your Zoom meetings , you can have the slide deck on your screen to easily read while you are giving your speech. 

Zoom Meeting Teleprompter by Meakersuite

Maekersuite teleprompter app and recording tools simplify the process of creating professional video content quickly and at no cost. The app provides you with many video templates and script templates to help you save much time. These scripts and videos have been broken down into bite-sized pieces to let you stay on point and record videos effectively. 

All you have to do is prepare your script, swipe or press the record button, and see that your video text is ready for you to scroll through while the camera rolls. Furthermore, there are many settings available so you can easily change the scrolling speed (soon to be voice activated scrolling), size, and color of the teleprompter to enjoy maximum coziness.

You can even edit your script within the teleprompter scrolling area. 

The Maekersuite teleprompter can be used on Mac turning it into a teleprompter. All you have to do is plug in your webcam or use the default camera and press record.

If you are going to use a teleprompter for your Zoom meetings, Maekersuite has a solution for you too. The app can be used in the shape of a Teleprompter app to use the teleprompter while giving your speech on Zoom conference calls. You can download the app and install it on your Mac as it is the only way you can use the Maekersuite free app with Zoom.

Other Products of Maekersuite

In addition to the teleprompter app, Maekersuite offers a few other tools to help you create more stunning videos. 

You can use the software and virtual teleprompter to record your videos in the fastest way possible. What is even better is that you can edit your video and script when creating your video. In addition to that, Maekersuite is specialiced in video pre-production. Maekersuite helps you with research and scripting for your video using powerful AI tools and learning for millions of content pieces online.

You can also use the video title generator feature on Maekersuite. It allows you to generate an optimized, authentic, and captivating video title for your videos in a flash. All you need to do is feed the app with your desired keywords and let it find trending videos based on your keywords. Then, you will choose your favorite ones and the app generates proper titles for your video accordingly. 

Google Meets Teleprompter by Maekersuite

If you do not want to use Zoom for your video conference, one of the best alternatives for you would be Google Meet which is a video communication service developed by Google. The app comes with several features, including audio/video calls, chats, joining conference calls on different devices, screen sharing for presentations, and many more. 

The good news for Maekersuite users is that they can take advantage of the software for their Google Meet calls and presentations too. Users can access the Maekersuite teleprompter during their Google Meet calls with the Teleprompter app.

All you should do is head to the AppStore and search for Maekersuite Teleprompter. Similar to Zoom, you can use this App for your Google Meet calls.

Some of you may be tied to Microsoft teams, don't worry our virtual teleprompter works for that too!

Benefits of Using Meakersuite Teleprompter

The Maekersuite teleprompter software comes with several useful benefits to help you provide the best presentations ever. From allowing you to speak naturally to saving you a lot of time, the Maekersuite app is certainly a fantastic option if you are getting ready for a conference call or online video presentation. 

1. Speak Naturally on Zoom Calls

Using the Maekersuite teleprompter on conference calls allows you to speak more naturally compared with when you use physical notes and papers to do so. That is because teleprompters let you keep direct eye contact with your audience instead of staring at your notes. 

It is crucial to maintain eye contact with the people in front of you because it helps you build a connection with them while in a virtual meeting. The best teleprompters have the camera lens close to the text so it never looks like you're reading.

When you read your script from a note or paper, you will have to frequently keep your head up to communicate with the audience and appear as if you are speaking naturally. This might make you lose your position and make awkward mistakes. However, when reading on a screen instead, you can control your speech well and connect with the audience genuinely. 

2. Improve Nonverbal Communication

Nonverbal communication includes all the communications between people that do not have a direct verbal translation, such as body movements, nuances of the voice, body orientation, facial expressions, details of dress, or movement of objects that communicate. 

Nonverbal clues are as crucial as what you say out loud in a conference call, whether it is on Zoom and Google Meet or any other platform of the same kind. 

When you are using the Maekersuite teleprompter, a great proportion of your focus is allocated to using the most accurate nonverbal communication techniques to enhance your speech, instead of thinking about what to say and worrying about whether you remember your words. 

Furthermore, when you do not have to constantly check your notes to find out what you need to say, your hands are free to help you convey key messages of your speech more effectively in your presentations. 

3. Come Across as More Professional

It is extremely critical to appear professional and experienced when you are giving your speech on a conference call or presentation. Using scribbled notes or awkward pauses will certainly make you look naive and not dominant in the field of your speech. 

Using the Maekersuite teleprompter allows you to show your professionalism, confidence, and expertise. That is because you do not have to check your script all the time. Your audience will trust you even more if you appear well-dressed and confident in your presentation. 

4. Cut to the Chase

The Maekersuite teleprompter helps you save a great amount of time. That is because you do not have to spend much time memorizing your speech if you use the teleprompter. Instead of that, you can spend your time enhancing other aspects of your performance. 

What’s more, using the Maekersuite teleprompter helps you reduce the number of times you rehearse to give a flawless speech. This will help save additional time and allocate it to improving your speech even more. 

5. Gain Control

When giving a speech to an audience, it is essential to control the speed of your speech and make sure people understand you well. The Maekersuite teleprompter software allows you to modify the speed of your script and set a pace that is best for your presentation. 

This feature also allows you to control your pauses and intensity in your speech. It comes in handy especially when you need to make long presentations because you will be able to provide your finest performance. 

Wrapping Up

The Maekersuite teleprompter app is one of the best teleprompters you can use for your presentations and conference calls. It helps you eliminate your anxiety and present the best version of yourself. The sweet part is that the app is entirely free and can be used with Zoom and other video presentation apps. 

Simply installing the Maekersuite app helps you enjoy all features of the software on your web browser for free. If you like to explore more of Maekersuite’s content and services, make sure to visit our website.

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