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At Maekersuite, we believe that everyone should have the power to tell their stories through video effortlessly. Our mission is to democratize video creation, making it so easy that all our users can achieve their goals through compelling visual storytelling.
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The Birth of Maekersuite

Founded in July 2020 Maekersuite was born out of a passion for making video production more efficient and accessible. Having previously run a successful video production company and social media agency serving the automotive, food, and fashion industries, we understood the value of video in growing businesses. However, we wanted to extend this opportunity to smaller businesses and self-employed professionals who couldn't afford expensive agencies or freelancers. Thus, Maekersuite was created to bring over a decade of industry experience to those eager to harness the power of video for their success.

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The Maekersuite Difference

At Maekersuite, we strive to become the best AI driven content creation platform. Our platform analyzes trending content and competitor videos to help you research, plan, and create high-quality video content in mere minutes. Unlike traditional video creation tools that focus on recording and editing, we are pioneers in data-driven, AI-enabled video creation. Our platform is designed to be so user-friendly that anyone can create professional-looking videos.

Our Core Values

We value our users and take pride in the exceptional quality of our products. Our team diligently addresses the root causes of problems to offer holistic solutions that elevate your video creation experience.

Growing Together

We believe in growing from the bottom up. Our primary focus is on individual users and small teams, empowering them with tools that rival those used by larger corporations.

Our Vision

Our current users range from self-employed professionals and marketers to educators, and we envision serving anyone serious about building a brand through captivating content, be it video or written. While our platform currently excels in marketing and social media, our vision extends far beyond that. We aim to become the go-to SaaS platform for creating and managing all aspects of business communications through captivating storytelling.

Our roadmap includes utilizing AI technology at every step of the process, from analytics and scripting to storyboarding, market segmentation, campaign planning, competitor analysis, recording, and post-production. While we don't seek to replace agencies or freelancers, we strive to offer exceptional value to the lower and mid-tier market, just as Canva has done for design.

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Our Team

Behind Maekersuite is a team of highly motivated and experienced professionals. We are driven by the dream of creating products that positively impact the lives of millions of users worldwide.

Customer-Centric Approach

Our customers inspire us to innovate continuously. We learn from them, their experiences, and how they use our products, driving us to develop new features and improve existing ones.

The Maekersuite Dream

We aim to become a household name synonymous with video creation. Our ultimate goal is to help people from all walks of life tell their most captivating stories through the art of video.

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