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Online Video Teleprompter App

Record videos faster with our online video teleprompter app.

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The Professional Teleprompter App

Maekersuite's teleprompter app and recording tools are there to help you streamline video content creation. Helping you make professional videos at a fraction of the time and cost. We have crafted video templates for your needs so that you can say more, with less. Script templates and recording are broken down into bite size pieces- that not only helps you stay on point, but also enables you to record videos much more effectively. All you need to do is write your script, swipe or press the record video button and voila your video text is right there for you to scroll through while the camera rolls. With our online tools you can easily change the default scroll speed, size and colour of the teleprompter for maximum comfort.

How to Use Video Teleprompter in 3 Easy Steps

Write script blocks

Select a script template and write your script into manageable bite size chunks.

Press record

Watch the countdown timer and start recording your video on our web or iOS app. You can record your video in blocks with our easy to use teleprompter- making it much much faster!

Select teleprompter settings

Our online teleprompter is very easy to use, you can change the default settings and select your preferred colour, size and scroll speed to make sure it's as comfortable as possible. You can also easily edit your text within the teleprompter scroll area.

Start With the Video Script Writing

Writing a good video script has many benefits, from improving your messaging to streamlining the video creation process. Our video tools give you both a clear script structure and word count. You are able to craft your script into bite size pieces, making it much easier to record. Helping you say more, with less.

Tap Into Powerful Video Script Templates 

Whether it's introducing yourself on video, explaining a topic or creating a video ad we have a video template for you. Watch any pro video maker and you'll see they follow a structure. Why? Because structure and script templates help you stay on track and make the script writing and content process a lot faster.

Record Videos Without Hassle

Our block based recording system lets you record your video segment by segment, meaning you can go at a pace you are comfortable with - no pressure to nail that first take! All sounds good to you?

Turn Any Device Into a Teleprompter

Record videos wherever you are on any device! Our web app turns any desktop device into a teleprompter- just plug in your webcam or use your default camera and press record. On the move or want higher quality video footage? Try out the free version of our iOS video teleprompter app- available on the apple app store.

Share Your Videos With One Click

Want feedback on your video or to share it without the hassle of downloading it? Just click 'save to the cloud' so that your video is saved on all devices and select the share button to get a url for your video.

Video Editing Made Simple

Need video editing? Download your clips and share them with our editing team. You will receive your finished video within 24h.


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