The Best Teleprompter App for Mac

Record talking head videos from your mac faster than ever before with our Teleprompter App.
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The Professional Teleprompter App

Maekersuite is here to help you streamline video content creation. Helping you make professional videos at a fraction of the time and cost. We have studied millions of content pieces online to decode the video storytelling techniques so that you can say more, with less. All you need to do is research, generate and write your script and use the teleprompter to scroll through the text while the camera rolls. With our teleprompter you can easily change the default scroll speed and font size for maximum comfort.

How to Use the Teleprompter App for Mac in 3 Easy Steps


Write your script minutes

Use Maekersuite video pre-production tool to research and script your videos. We streamline the research and scriptwriting so you can focus on what makes it a masterpiece.

Fire up the teleprompter

Download our teleprompter app on the App Store and open it on your desktop.In the app, you can change the default settings and select your preferred size and scroll speed to make sure it's as comfortable as possible.

Hit record(s)

Open your favourite recording software and position the teleprompter on a suitable position close to your webcam. Then all that is left to do is to press play.

Benefits of using the Best Teleprompter App for Mac

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Start With the Video Script Writing

Writing a good video script has many benefits, from improving your messaging to streamlining the video creation process. Our video tools give you a clear script structure. Helping you say more, with less.
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Research your videos in minutes

Our powerful Content Explorer lets you identify the most engaging video opportunities making your videos perform better.
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Turn your desktop into a teleprompter

Maekersuite helps you properly prepare for your videos. Use our teleprompter to record your videos with confidence.Download on App Store.


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