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Our productivity tools have been created by video experts and data scientists to enhance your content creation flow.

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Your suite of AI tools for video content

Spend time on the big stuff

YouTube description maker

Create a description that gets your viewers wanting to watch.


Video title generator

Generate the best video title that will help you get clicks.


Video trend explorer

Search what videos are trending and get inspiration.


Video script maker

Create an engaging video script for your audience in minutes.


Teleprompter plugin

Record and present your videos with confidence.


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Enhance your creativity

Maekersuite's AI-powered tools help you overcome writer's block. Get inspiration and streamline your flow so you can focus on the fun stuff.

Our tools are designed to be flexible and customizable, allowing you to add your own magic touch and make your videos truly stand out.

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Create more video content with less hassle

With video consistency is key. Our video productivity tools help you plan and create video in a streamlined way. By making the process simple and leaving the creative part up to you- you'll find yourself making more videos more consistently.

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Save time and money

Video creation tools designed by experts to help you save both time and money in the video creation process. Our tools are designed to streamline the process, eliminating unnecessary costs and reducing the time it takes to create high-quality videos.

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Improve your ROI on video

Tools to help you optimize your videos for search engines and social media, helping you reach a wider audience and generate more leads and sales. By leveraging data and AI, we can provide insights into what works best for your industry and audience, helping you create videos that resonate with your viewers and drive conversions.

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