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Top 9 Teleprompter Apps for Mac in 2023

Top 9 Teleprompter Apps for Mac in 2023

There are plenty of options out there when it comes to finding a teleprompter for mac, but not all are made equally! Click to find out our top 9 teleprompters for Mac.
What we'll cover

If you're looking for the best teleprompters for Mac, then you've come to the right place. We've crafted a list of the 9 best teleprompters for Mac.

We know that there are plenty of options out there when it comes to finding a teleprompter for mac, but not all of them are made equally. Some have more features than others, some are easier to use and some are more affordable. We've taken all of this into account when creating our list of the best teleprompter software for mac. Most of them have a paid version with full access to to all the features as well as free versions.

How to use your Mac as a teleprompter

We’re all on video ALL the time! Presenting, recording videos for marketing, sales, pitch… the list goes on! Imagine you could have your script right there and look like a pro news anchor! 

Introducing… teleprompter software for Mac. No need to buy equipment or spend money, a teleprompters app is a great way to make your life easier.

The benefits of using teleprompters

The benefits are endless, but the two below should be enough to get you to jump on the bandwagon.

It helps you create better content. As you focus on having the right messaging for your audience.

It helps you make content faster. Using a teleprompter app dramatically reduces the amount of editing needed afterwards. The more time and energy you save in editing your videos, the more time you have to create new ones.

Top teleprompter apps for Mac

We have studied the best teleprompter apps for your Mac, and we have narrowed down the list to the top 9. These apps will help you get your script written, recorded, and edited in no time!

#1 Teleprompter by Maekersuite

Ok, we may be biased but if you’re recording pre-recorded videos for any videos then this teleprompter app is the one to use for Mac. Intuitive, simple, and it has everything you need. And it has free unlimited access. Maekersuite is video pre-production tool helping video creatorsstreamline their research and script creation process. Maekersuite focuses especially on storytelling and making its users better at engaging with their audience. Download from App Store.

#2 PromptSmart: Teleprompter App For Mac

PromprSmart has two versions on the app store- PromptSmart Pro (starting at £17.99) and PromptSmart Light which is free to use. With PromptSmart Lite you can use voice tracking so that the scroll speed mimics your natural speed or you can select a words per minute number. Unfortunately with the Light version you won’t be able to record yourself using the same device- you’d have to upgrade to Pro.

If you upgrade to Pro you can completely customise your teleprompter settings, from adding in a timer to choosing to use audio only, presentation mode or the selfie camera. Experts would love these features, but it can become pretty complicated for those wanting a simple fast solution.

#3 Teleprompter Premium

Teleprompter Premium is pretty simple and easy to use, especially if you don’t need to record from the same device that you want to teleprompt from. The free version allows you to upload a script and dive straight into scrolling through the text. You can choose the font color, font size and backgrowth of your teleprompter. It can also overlay over zoom which is great.

If you want to record and teleprompt using the app you’ll need to upgrade to the Premium version, but it’s pretty cost effective and would only set you back £19.99 a year.

all text field like a script

Image Source

#4 Prompt+ Teleprompter

Prompt+ is a great teleprompter tool for conference calls. You can download the app on the mac app store for free. You can adjust the scroll speed before and during your presentation. Most settings are adjustable including font size, colour and the countdown timer speed. What we also loved about this app is that you can save all your scripts and easily go back to them. The only real short fall we had was that you can’t record a video with the tool, but if you’re looking for something to use while on video conferencing it works pretty well- just make sure you have it close to the camera! 

#5 PowerPrompter Express

The Express version of this app is more to test the real thing, as you only get 5 minutes. It has a lot of functionality, but if pretty complex- I mean look at this side bar.

text field showing Power Prompter display of script

Image source

What we did like is that you can open several windows which is great for when you need to easily switch between scripts/ the teleprompter text. The express version does not have recording feature in built, but if you want to use an external camera and can position this prompter close to the camera lens then it’s a great solution for short videos (<5 minutes).

#6 Floating Notes

What we like about this teleprompter app is that once you download it from the app store you can use the teleprompter text over almost any other app- e.g. if you wanted to have a script in front of you while presenting on a conference call. It also looks very similar to the Mac Notes App which makes it pretty easy to use. The con? Like a few of the other teleprompter apps here the video recording function doesn’t work too well. For starters it wasn’t easy to use, and you would have to be resourceful about changing the settings and moving the app close to the camera. Good tool for audio only voice overs or overlaying on a zoom presentation, not the best for if you want to record videos.

a face of a woman in the background of a text field with script and a mobile phone on the right

Image source

#7 SpeakFlow

SpeakFlow is actually only available on desktop. The script writing tool is easy to use and you can even import your script or text.

They have advanced features like adjusting the width of the teleprompter. The negative point about speakflow is that the teleprompter is not very close to the camera- which means while it's scrolling it could appear like you’re reading.

You can also overlay the app onto another screen- that said we couldn’t figure out how to do it effectively. The tool is completely browser based- which has pros and cons. The pros- you don’t need to download anything! The cons- it’s more difficult to overlay over other applications or windows.

SpeakFlow sample of script display with directing arrows

Image source

#8 Virtual Teleprompter Lite

This app is pretty similar to prompter+. A simple app to help you present during video conferencing calls. The lite version is free to use and what we love is that you can make the background of the prompter transparent so if you’re on a conference call you can still see your audience. Cons? Similar to the others you can’t make pre-recorded videos using the tool, unless you record on your laptop or using zoom.

#9 Air Display

Ok Air Display is a bit different, it basically helps you turn another Mac or iPad into a second monitor. Allowing you to use your Mac computer's display (monitor) on your iPhone or iPad. So, if you want to give presentations with the help of Air Display, all you need to do is connect your Mac and devices via WiFi - no Bluetooth needed. You can also use this app to mirror your iPad’s screen onto your Mac or vice versa.

This could be a makeshift teleprompter and is pretty cool if you have all the devices, but it’s complicated to set up. You need to download the app and specific software. While it’s not rocket science, it’s a lot more friction than the other tools we’ve mentioned above.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a teleprompter app for Zoom or conferencing videos then a simple app without a recording feature will be good enough, but if you want something that helps you make pre-recorded content faster and more effectively then one of the above is the way to go.

When it comes to teleprompters, what matters most is your use case. For example, if you’re an actor who wants to use their teleprompter for rehearsing lines or practicing performance, then you might not need much more than an app that lets you scroll through your script in real time as you speak.

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