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Top 19 YouTube Channel Ideas for 2023

Top 19 YouTube Channel Ideas for 2023

Discover the top 19 YouTube channel ideas for 2023, from vlogging to gaming, cooking to fashion, and more. Start your YouTube journey now!
What we'll cover

YouTube has been around for many years, and we’re just about to enter its golden era.
YouTube creators have evolved and currently hold more screen time than any TV in history. It seems like everyone can become a well-known creator with the right tools and guideance, and ofcourse a lot of invested effort.

The fact is, creativity has never been more shared or rewarded. 

It's never too late to start thinking about how you can take your YouTube channel to the next level. Whether you're just starting out or looking to expand your existing channel, these ideas are proven to generate results. From beauty and fashion to tech and gaming, we've got something for everyone. 

As the leading video idea generator, we have been spending a lot of time analysing successful YouTube video channels. 

In this guide, we'll walk you through the most popular and profitable niches on YouTube and give tips on making your channel stand out from the crowd. 

What we'll cover

What are good YouTube channel ideas?

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When it comes to YouTube channel ideas, there are many different options to choose from. 

One of the most important things to consider when starting a YouTube channel is the creator's intent. 

Are you looking to build a personal brand, share your passion with others, or generate income through monetization? 

Understanding your intent will help you choose a niche that aligns with your goals. Some popular niches include beauty and fashion, tech and gaming, vlogging and personal development, food and cooking, and travel and lifestyle. These niches are popular because they have a large audience and a lot of room for creativity. In addition, they are evergreen niches, meaning they will always be in demand. 

Another factor to consider when choosing a YouTube channel idea is the competition. While it's important to choose a niche that interests you, it's also important to choose one that has less competition. This can be done by finding a sub-niche within a larger niche. 

Lastly, A good YouTube channel idea should be something you are passionate about and can consistently create content for. It should also have the potential to grow and evolve. Choosing a niche that aligns with your interests and goals and that has a large audience, and little competition will help ensure the success of your YouTube channel.

Top 19 YouTube Channel Ideas

#1 Product Reviews

Product reviews are one of the most popular types of content on YouTube, and for a good reason. They allow viewers to learn about new products and get a sense of what they can expect before making a purchase. 

Product review channels can focus on a specific niche, such as tech, beauty, or home goods, or cover a wide range of products. They typically feature unboxings, first impressions, and detailed evaluations of the products, giving viewers an in-depth look at what the product offers. 

To start a product review channel, it is important to have a thorough knowledge of the products you will be reviewing and the ability to communicate your thoughts and evaluations clearly and engagingly.

It's also important to be honest, and unbiased in your reviews, as viewers value authenticity and trustworthiness. To make your reviews stand out, you can add your unique perspective and personality to your videos. 

If you're interested in making money from your channel, you can use affiliate links, sponsored content, or your product. Sample video: "Unboxing and Review of the Latest iPhone Model." 

#2 Vlogs

Vlogging, or video blogging, is a great way to share your daily life and experiences with a wide audience. Vlogs can be about anything, from daily routines, travel vlogs, and challenges to behind-the-scenes looks at your work or hobbies. They allow viewers to feel like they are a part of your life and can create a strong sense of community and engagement. A sample YouTube video could be "A Day in My Life as a College Student". 

To start a vlogging channel, you'll need a camera, editing software, and the ability to be comfortable in front of the camera.

Vlogs are typically shot in a casual, conversational style and often feature the vlogger speaking directly to the camera. It's important to be yourself and be relatable to your audience. You can also add your twist and creativity to your vlogs by using different filming techniques, editing styles, and music. 

Vlogging is a great way to build a personal brand and connect with your audience on a deeper level. With the right approach and hard work, you can create a successful vlogging channel on YouTube.

Here’s a vlog on ‘A day in the life at AMERICAN PUBLIC SCHOOL’: 

#3 Gaming

Gaming channels are a great way to share your love of video games with a wide audience. These channels can include various content, such as game walkthroughs, reviews, and live gameplay streams. They can also include commentary, tips and tricks, and other gaming-related content. 

Gaming YouTube channels require a lot from you. So, keep these 7 things in mind before starting one: 

  • Equipment: You'll need a good gaming setup, including a computer or console, a gaming mouse, a keyboard and headset, and software to record your gameplay. 
  • Knowledge of games: To create engaging content, it's important to understand the games and the gaming industry as a whole. 
  • Consistency and planning: A content calendar in place will help you to keep your channel organized and to plan ahead.
  • Audience Engagement: Building a community around your gaming channel is key to its success.
  • Monetization: It's important to familiarize yourself with the different monetization options available, such as ad revenue, sponsorships, and affiliates. 
  • Editing skills: Good knowledge of video editing software can help you create  professional videos and make your content stand out. 

Gaming channels are worth the effort if you have you mind fixed on creating gaming videos using your skills. A sample YouTube video could be "First Look and Gameplay of the new Call of Duty Game." 

#4 Tutorials

Tutorials are the most popular YouTube videos because they help people to solve their problems.

Videos focused on how to do something are very useful for people who want to learn new things. Tutorials can be about almost anything and usually consist of simple steps that others can repeat.

The best way to come up with ideas for tutorials is to find something that needs improvement in your area or industry, then create an easy-to-follow tutorial YouTube video that shows people how to do it better.

For example, if you're an accountant and know a better way to do something than what's currently being taught, record a YouTube video showing your method and post it on YouTube.

If you're a hairstylist and want to teach people how to style their hair at home, record short videos teaching them how to do each step and post videos on YouTube so people can watch them at their convenience. Mike shake shows you how: 

#5 Travel

The travel channel is a great idea for people who want to share their experiences and knowledge with others. You can talk about places, food, culture, and other useful tips for traveling.

The best part is that it's not just limited to travel destinations. You can also create videos on preparing for a trip, what to pack and how to get around in different countries.

If you are interested in this idea, check out Tim Ferriss' podcast, where he has shared his experience with traveling the world.

Here are some other examples of travel channels:

Travel vloggers can make money from ads run alongside their videos and through affiliate marketing links in their descriptions. But if you want to go further with this type of channel, then consider creating videos showing how to book flights or hotels or even launch an online store selling travel accessories or clothing.

#6 Photography

Photography is a great option for a YouTube channel because it allows you to showcase your creative skills and share your passion for capturing the world around you. 

Whether you're into landscape photography, portrait photography, or street photography, there's always an audience out there interested in what you have to offer.

Many photographers are using YouTube to create tutorials and demonstrations of their work. This can include how-to videos, tips and tricks, and even short films about the inspiration behind their projects.

Take a look at this photo below: 

portrait photo of river with rocks and mountains

Peter McKinnon took this photo. He is a photographer with over 5 million subscribers and 383 million views. 

One thing that's great about Peter's channel is that he's not just a photography expert but also a great teacher. He explains things in a conversational tone, making it easy for beginners to understand. He also shares behind-the-scenes footage of his photoshoots, which is always fun to watch.

Peter McKinnon's channel is an excellent resource for anyone interested in photography. He is a great inspiration for starting and growing your own YouTube channel, as he covers all aspects of photography. Check out this YouTube video of his to see for yourself.

#7 Fitness

People love to share their workouts and diets with others. If you already work out and eat right, you can easily make videos that show your progress. This can also be a great way to network with other fitness enthusiasts and people who want to get fit. 

Online fitness holds a massive potential with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 33.1%. However, it's also one of the most difficult channels to make money from due to growing competition. 

The best part about fitness channels is that it's low-cost, so there's less risk involved!

Whether it's simply showing people how to do a workout or promoting healthy living and eating, you can create informative, entertaining, and inspiring workout videos. 

For example, Jessica Smith has a channel dedicated to sharing her fitness journey. She shares tips for eating healthy and exercising and personal stories about her weight loss journey. Her channel has more than 500K subscribers, and she makes money by selling workout and diet plans. 

To start a fitness channel, you'll need to find your niche within the genre. Consider doing workout tutorials, recipes, or exercise routines. 

#8 Comedy

One of the most widely enjoyed genres on YouTube is comedy. This is a great channel idea for you if you have a funny side. Comedy channels can have a lot of variety: jokes, prank videos, parodies, and more. You can even make your own music videos to go with songs you like or record your versions of popular songs.

The beauty of comedy is that it's pretty easy to make people laugh. It's about being creative and finding the right way to present your idea.

Take the example of David Dobrik: 

David began his career on Vine and moved to YouTube. He started with simple vlogging videos and quickly gained a large following due to his relatable, off-the-cuff humor and relatable content. Despite starting with low effort, David's channel has become one of the most popular on YouTube, with over 18 million subscribers and billions of views of his videos. He has also become a successful entrepreneur with his own merchandise and has been featured in several Hollywood films.

See what David does in this video:

The key is to find something that works well for your channel, whether it's just silly fun or something more thoughtful and cleverly produced.

#9 Unboxing

The concept of unboxing videos is simple: a YouTuber shows the viewers how to unbox a new product, either from their own experience or someone else's. These videos are very entertaining, especially if the YouTuber puts in some humorous elements. 

For example, if someone unboxes an iPad Pro, they might show their reaction to receiving the package and then proceed to show you its contents and what they think of it. 

See this video: 

This YouTube video format is hugely popular with YouTube watchers, who love watching other people's reactions to new products and testing out the features for themselves.

Some popular YouTube channels that feature unboxing videos include: 

Here are a few things that popular unboxing videos have in common: 

  • High-quality equipment (camera, lighting, microphone) 
  • Engaging and enthusiastic host 
  • Clear and detailed product information 
  • Variety of products and brands 
  • Consistent posting schedule and promotion of videos on social media.

#10 Music

YouTube leads the pack in terms of usage, with a massive user base of two billion active users who use the platform to listen to music. It's no surprise that millions of creators upload their songs, covers, and live recordings on YouTube.

The best thing about the music industry is that it's constantly changing. New artists are always coming up, so you'll never run out of ideas for new videos. This channel idea is perfect for you if you're an aspiring singer or musician who wants to share your passion with others. 

Look at Justin Bieber's YouTube career. He began posting videos of himself singing covers of popular songs in 2008 when he was just 13 years old. He gained a huge following through the years, and his YouTube channel helped propel him to international stardom.

If he can start small, you can too!

Here are some ideas for you to create music videos:

  • Create a cover song of your favorite artist or band
  • Doing a tutorial on how to play the guitar or piano
  • Interviewing musicians about their life and career
  • Making music videos with your own original track

Make sure your content is original, though — don't steal from other artists, and ensure that you're not infringing on any copyrights.

#11 Cooking

Got a great recipe you want to share with the world? If so, then cooking videos might be the perfect option for you! Uploading videos of yourself preparing delicious meals can be a great way to grow your brand and connect with new customers or clients.

During the pandemic, cooking channels on YouTube experienced a significant increase in popularity. Many people turned to the platform for recipe ideas, to improve their cooking skills, or to watch others prepare delicious meals. 

Watch this: 

Cooking channels are also fairly successful, with average CPM rates of $2.50.

While there are many food channels on YouTube, many lack personality or creativity. You can stand out from your competitors by focusing on one or two specific types of cooking (e.g., baking or desserts) and developing content around those specialties.

Here are a few other ideas to start a YouTube channel on cooking: 

  • Sharing easy and quick recipes for busy individuals or families 
  • Creating recipe videos with a unique theme or concept (e.g., cooking with only five ingredients, budget-friendly meals, cooking with a specific appliance like Instant Pot) 
  • Collaborating with other food bloggers or chefs to showcase diverse recipes and cooking styles 
  • Cooking challenge videos or food-related games 
  • Showcasing outdoor cooking and grilling

#12 ASMR

ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response, and it's a term used to describe the pleasurable tingling sensations some people experience when they hear certain sounds—like whispering and tapping. The sounds are usually soft and gentle, like those of a hairdryer or rain falling on leaves. 

ASMR videos are typically shot in first-person perspective, where the viewer can see the person speaking to them. They're also often recorded with a binaural microphone and headphones to give you an immersive experience. 

You don't need special equipment or skills to create an ASMR video—just a good camera and some editing software.

One example of an ASMR YouTube channel that became popular is "Gentle Whispering ASMR." The channel, which was created in 2011, features videos of the creator, Maria, performing ASMR triggers such as whispering, soft speaking, and various other sounds and actions to help viewers relax and fall asleep. As of 2021, the channel has over 2.2 million subscribers and over a billion views.

#13 Animation/Illustration

Animation or illustration is one of the most profitable niches in art. Many talented artists have made successful careers out of their work. If you're an artist, this idea might work for you.

graffitti art of a man holding a pencil with faces of other people on his background

Looking at this picture above, you should consider the wanderlust animations/illustrations. 

Josiah brooks created Draw with Jazza in 2012. He said, "People go online looking for tutorials on how to draw. ... Whenever I looked, there was nothing good... they had loud music and voice-overs or were slow and boring."

He started with the human anatomy tutorials and didn't look back ever since. As of 2023, the channel has over 6.2 million subscribers and over 1.2 billion views. Josiah Brooks also published several books and courses on animation and illustration.

You can share tutorials and behind-the-scenes looks at one's creative process and connect with other artists and fans of the medium. But it requires hard work, dedication, and a willingness to improve and adapt to the changing YouTube landscape continuously.

#14 Tech

Tech is a great channel idea for people who have a passion for tech but don't want to make videos about their own products.

You can be anyone interested in gadgets, gaming, and emerging technology. The audience for these types of channels is wide-ranging and can include anyone from teenagers to people in their 50s.

A tech channel can be anything from reviews and unboxings to tutorials on how to use certain products. You can even do DIYs, like like creating your custom PC or upgrading PC RAM tutorial. 

The best part about tech channels is that they're always relevant. As new gadgets and products are released every week, there's always something new to discuss!

The top 3 tech YouTube video channels include: 

  • Linus Tech Tips 
  • TechTuber 
  • Unbox Therapy

Here are some ideas that might help you get started: 

  • Android App Review videos
  • Tech Tutorials 
  • Gadgets Review videos
  • Tips & Tricks

#15 Reaction

A reaction video is someone reacting to something they have just seen. They can be funny, serious, or even angry. The most popular reaction videos are those where someone reacts to something they found funny, such as a meme or funny music video.

Reaction videos are a great way to get more views on your channel because they're easy for people to relate to and understand. 

The best reaction channels don't just feature reactions to the latest viral videos. Instead, they also offer commentary on trending issues and news stories.

Take the example of the "React" YouTube channel, which the Fine Brothers run. 

The channel became famous for its "React" series of videos, in which various groups of people, such as children, elders, and celebrities, react to viral videos and other popular internet content. 

The channel's success can be attributed to its unique concept, relatable and diverse casting, high production value, and consistent release schedule of new videos. Additionally, the channel's use of licensed music and sound effects, as well as its incorporation of humor, helped make the videos more engaging and entertaining for viewers.

#16 Lifestyle

The lifestyle category is highly sought after on YouTube. These channels feature new trends, travel, entertainment, and cooking shows. Some of the most viewed lifestyle channels include BuzzFeed Video, Tasty, and Smosh.

There are many different niches within the lifestyle YouTube channel category, some examples including: 

  • Fashion and beauty
  • Travel
  • Food
  • Parenting and family
  • Health and wellness
  • Personal development
  • Minimalism and sustainable living

To get started on a lifestyle YouTube channel, decide on a niche you are passionate about and knowledgeable about. Once you have a niche in mind, brainstorm and plan your video content. You can start with a series of videos on a specific topic or create a mix of different videos.

#17 Education

People are always looking for new ways to learn and improve their lives.

If you're good at explaining things and have an eye for detail, you could create a successful channel by recording and uploading videos about your favorite topics.

The demand for online education is growing yearly and will continue to do so in the coming years. According to researchandmarkets, online courses will be worth $350 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 9.1%. 

This means that if you create an educational channel, you can be sure that your audience will not only be there but will continue to grow.

The Khan Academy YouTube channel is an excellent example of how an education-focused channel can be successful on the platform. The channel features over 10,000 educational videos that cover a wide range of subjects, including math, science, history, and economics. 

Another reason this might be a good choice is that anyone can do it with any background or experience level. All you need is passion and determination!

#18 Dance

Dance is a great option for a YouTube channel because it is a universal language that can appeal to many audiences. All you need to get started is the ability to dance and a passion for it. 

The dance community is vast and diverse, and there are many different styles of dance to choose from, such as hip-hop, contemporary, breakdance, ballet, salsa, ballroom, and many more. This means that there is a lot of room for creativity and experimentation regarding choreography and filming style.

A great example of a successful individual dance channel on YouTube is Dance Tutorials Live. This channel is run by a professional dancer and choreographer, Kyle Hanagami, who has over 4.5 million subscribers. The channel features a wide range of dance-related content, including tutorials on different dance styles, behind-the-scenes footage of rehearsals and performances, and dance challenges. 

One of the reasons "Dance Tutorials Live" is successful is the high-quality and detailed dance tutorials offered on the channel. Kyle is an experienced and talented dancer who does a great job of breaking down the choreography and teaching it step by step. The channel also offers a wide range of tutorials for different dance styles, making it accessible to people with various levels of dance experience.

#19 DIY

The DIY industry has exploded over the last decade. People love learning how to do things and then trying them themselves.

This is one of the best YouTube channel ideas because it's easy and cheap to start. You can create video tutorials on anything from making slime to cooking meals and fixing electronics. 

DIY is a growing trend, can be monetized easily, and provides a sense of accomplishment for both the creator and the viewer. 

Take the example of The Sorry Girls

This channel is run by a duo of best friends, Beckie and Kelsey, who share their passion for crafting, home decor, and DIY projects. Their channel boasts a subscriber count of over 2 million.

They share many DIY projects and tutorials, from home decor to fashion and beauty, but they always try to put their own spin on things. They also have a website where they share even more tutorials and DIY ideas. This helps to keep the audience engaged and coming back for more.

If you're good at making things or know how to do them easily, this is a great idea for 2023.

Ready to create your first video?

Launching a YouTube channel in 2023 provides an opportunity to showcase your passions and interests to a global audience. Whether you're interested in cooking, travel, beauty, or education, there is a niche for everyone. 

When it comes to starting your channel, it's important to remember that consistency is key. Plan out your content in advance and stick to a regular posting schedule. Engaging with your audience and building a community around your channel are also important. 

Maekersuite has a variety of resources that can help you get started. You can use the tool to generate ideas for your channel and create outlines and scripts for your videos. 

Check out how you can streamline your YouTube video creation process with Maekersuite and get started on your YouTube journey!

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