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Top 10 Teleprompting Software Apps for 2023

Top 10 Teleprompting Software Apps for 2023

Top 10 teleprompter software for 2023 include Maekersuite, Parrot, BIGVU, and many more.
What we'll cover

If you have ever spoken in an online meeting and given a speech to an audience, you have probably been concerned about remembering what you are meant to say. Teleprompter software is a technology that displays a pre-written script so you can read it and remember your lines while maintaining a natural appearance in front of the audience. 

Many content creators today use teleprompter software for their modern video creations. That is because teleprompter software helps them speak as naturally as possible, give a more precise speech, focus on their nonverbal cues, appear much more professional, save a great amount of time, control the speed of their performance, and many other benefits. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the abundance of teleprompter software already on the market, you are not alone. As a video recording and script-writing service provider, Maekersuite has studied the best teleprompter software on the market for 2023. In this post, we will discuss teleprompter software and introduce the top 10 teleprompters on the market. 

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What is Teleprompter Software?

A teleprompter or an Autocue can come in the form of software or teleprompter hardware that you can use to display your script, while you are giving the speech. Many professionals, for example news anchors or leaders use professional teleprompter hardware when addressing a large audience on important topics as it's crucial they don't deviate from the core message and deliver their message with conviction.

That said, with the advancement of technology today smartphones, tablets, and personal computers can be used as a portable teleprompter if you use an app with the right inbuilt functionality. 

A camera teleprompter has the script right by the camera lens so that a user doesn't need to memorise their lines. When using teleprompters, speakers will no longer need to deviate their heads from the audience to find out what is written on their notes and papers. 

Countless video creators and presenters use this software app to scroll the text of their speech on the screen while they are capturing a video of themselves, either in recording mode or in an online presentation. 

The script of the speech is just visible on the screen and will be invisible in the resulting recorded video or the online presentation. Teleprompting software helps the speaker appear completely impromptu, increasing their self-confidence and quality of speech. 

Why Do You Need Teleprompter Software?

Many video content creators or speakers use teleprompter software on their smartphones or computers because of the insane speed and quality advantages they can have IF you use them properly.

Teleprompting software can help you: 

- Appear more comfortable reading lines

- Maintain eye contact with the audience

- Look more natural 

- Deliver your creations faster

- Remember your sentences

- Save a great amount of time

- Focus on nonverbal communication

- Appear more professional

- Allocate your time to other tasks

- Control the speed of your presentation

- Edit your script and video

Best Teleprompter Software for 2023

There is a multitude of teleprompter software on the market, making it massively challenging to choose the one that is best for your specific needs. Below, the top 10 teleprompting software have been introduced along with their features: 

1. Teleprompter by Norton Five Ltd.

This is by far the best teleprompter that we ever tested. It is also the one that we always use, when we record our videos. It is for free and allows you to get all the benefits of a great teleprompter while also delivering great quality.

Without a doubt our number 1 recommendation.

2. Parrot Teleprompter

Parrot teleprompter software also comes with a multitude of useful features. You can edit your scripts in real-time, use the app in landscape mode, mirror your text style, and many more features. 

With Parrot teleprompter you can easily change the classic teleprompter settings including the background colour, scrolling settings, text alignment etc. You can import from Dropbox, remotely control the script, and use the loop script setting. It's also great for connecting to higher end recording cameras e.g. a standard dslr video camera.


BIGVU Studio app shown in a mobile phone with a woman smiling and script on the side

Image Source: AppSumo

BIGVU is one of the best teleprompting software on the market with over 6 million video creators worldwide. You can use the app to create videos for social media, education, content marketing, and many more. The app is available on iOS in addition to the web. 

With BIGVU, you can edit your scripts and subtitles, change the speed of the scrolling text, change the exposure to optimize lighting, replace the green screen in videos with an image or video loop, switch between the front and rear cameras, and many more features. 

4. Teleprompter Pro Lite

With Teleprompter Pro Lite, you will have access to all the fundamental features of a teleprompter. It allows you to change the font size and speed of the text on the screen, and adjust the brightness of the screen. 

Teleprompter Pro Lite is a lightweight app and is simple to work with. It comes with other features such as the ability to change background colors, use mirror mode for professional users, and take advantage of the full-screen mode. 

The Teleprompter pro version allows you to have unlimited scripts.

5. Video Teleprompter Lite

Video Teleprompter Lite is one of the best tools for different presentation purposes such as video resumes, product explainer videos, vlogging, and many more. Those who continuously gaze at the camera can make use of this app to read scripts just next to their camera. 

The app allows you to import scripts from iCloud and other sources. Some other features of Video Teleprompter Lite include unlimited scripts, a countdown timer, switching between front and rear cameras, autofocus, audio level monitoring, and more. 

6. Speakflow 

Speakflow is an online teleprompter that helps you give your presentation from a web browser with ease. You can use it with all popular browsers such as Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Edge. The service is available on different devices which can sync with each other. 

Speakflow allows you to create an account and save all your scripts together in it. You are allowed to record videos while giving your speech and use many other features of the service. The best part is that the service is equipped with the Flow feature that enables automatic scrolling based on your natural speech speed. 

text field with highlight in mix of red and orange the words Remote, Scroll, Team and Record

Image Source

7. Teleprompter Mirror

It is simple to use Teleprompter Mirror for your video creations. The service can be easily used on any device that is equipped with a browser, including all smartphones, tablets, and computers. You do not even need an email to use Teleprompter Mirror. 

Although Teleprompter Mirror is a perfect service for audio recording, it does not allow you to record videos as there is no screen recording functionality. To overcome this, you can use your smartphone as a teleprompter and use some other device for video recording. 

8. PromptSmart

PromptSmart offers a perfect feature that is called VoiceTrack. This feature follows your voice and your sentences in real-time automatically to find out where you already are in your script. 

VoiceTrack leads you through the subject organically and logically to save time, even if you are a beginner. It will also wait for you to continue speaking when you deviate from the script or improvise. PromptSmart is also equipped with notecards to let you jot down ideas. You can use one of the 10 fonts of the app, and import your scripts from cloud storage services. 

This is one of the best apps for also sharing your screen while giving video presentations.

9. CuePrompter

CuePrompter is a free teleprompter that can be used on any web browser, without the need for any extra software. You just need to bookmark the website and visit it anytime you need teleprompter services. 

CuePrompter can be used with most browsers and operating systems. In Windows machines, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome work more smoothly with CuePrompter than other browsers such as Firefox. The app allows you to adjust the scrolling speed and use the normal/mirrored display. 

10. SpeechWay

SpeechWay is a teleprompter app that can be used by various content creators such as video bloggers, live-streamers, tv-presenters, and anyone who speeches on camera. It is equipped with the most features necessary for any speaker. You can use the app with professional teleprompter hardware, just like a TV presenter. 

SpeechWay comes with a floating teleprompter widget. You will be able to make live streams or use your favorite camera app while you are reading scripts from the widget that is compatible with any app. 

Users can configure SpeechWay options to set a timer, indicator style, color theme, text size, mirroring mode, text speed, font, text margin, and pause configurations, in addition to the “do not disturb” mode. 

Final Thoughts

If you are going to record a video or give a presentation in front of the camera and are worried about making a mistake or forgetting your words, you certainly need teleprompter software.

A teleprompter app displays your scripts on your phone screen while it is recording your video either offline or online. Your script will be invisible in the final video and the audience will not notice that you are reading your script while speaking. 

When choosing the best teleprompting software, keep in mind that it should be equipped with text display options, text import options, text editing options, voice activation, and timing options. If your app comes with all of these features, you are on the right track. 

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