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Introducing the new Script Writer

Introducing the new Script Writer

What we'll cover


New Maekersuite magic is out! From brief to outline to script and back, it all has bits and pieces of something new in this new refreshed version of the Maekersuite Script Writer.

We are extremely excited to launch these updates that have originally started out as customer feedback and have been developed in collaboration with our users. Making our customers’ wishes come true is an important part of what we do here at Maekersuite,

Maekersuite is a video pre-production tool that helps you research and write your scripts to set your video projects up for success. We use data and AI to generate the best possible support for you on your video creation journey.

Let’s dive into all the new things…

Structure your scripts with the storytelling frameworks

The frameworks are finally here! This is something we have heard again and again from you, and we worked hard to make them happen. Frameworks are like templates for your script’s structure. You can now pick from five most common frameworks: AIDA, PASTOR, 5Cs, SPIN, WWH and Product Review. Read more about script frameworks.

Give freeform context for your script

Making a listicle and you already know a few items you want the script to have at least? Well, now you have a free field in the Script briefing screen where you can mention just that. That’s just one example of where this can be helpful. With this brand new field you can provide the AI any additional information you want to be included in the script.

Define your style

Before this update you were able to select a tone in which you wanted the script to be written in. For many of you that was not enough. Thus, now we are introducing the free form “Style example” field where you can insert a part of a style that you would like our AI to imitate. Take an excerpt from one of Obama’s speeches or notes from MrBeast’s iconic intros, the AI will work its magic based on what you offer.

Script Writer workflow revisited

From Brief to Outline to Script. That’s how we roll. With the new workflow logic you can jump between these stages as you like. All these stages are now available at the top of your script writing screen and if you ever feel like starting a new project with similar information you can just simply copy the briefing screen into a new project draft.

Developed in collaboration with you

Many of these changes are now here because of the feedback we have received from you, our users. If you have ideas of new features and improvements, we invite you to join us on our Discord channel. 

Join us our Discord.

There we share more detailed info about all the updates we make on Maekersuite and give headsup on all updates such as this Script Writer update.

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