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Inspire Your Next Campaign: 12 Innovative Brand Videos You Must See

Inspire Your Next Campaign: 12 Innovative Brand Videos You Must See

Discover 12 game-changing brand videos that captivate and convert. Learn how to craft your own impactful videos with insights and tools from Maekersuite.
What we'll cover

If you want to unlock the power of visual storytelling, you need to produce videos. They capture attention, convey messages, and are easily shareable. When done right, brand videos can shape brand identity, engage customers and boost revenue. 

When it comes to creating engaging brand videos, Maekersuite makes the task less complicated. The tool’s AI-powered features offer a streamlined process for creating videos that resonate with your audience.

In this article, we'll guide you further with a curated list of innovative brand videos. Each example includes key insights to help you understand what makes these videos so effective. You'll also learn how to create your own engaging videos using Maekersuite's AI-powered toolset.

What Are Brand Videos?

Brand videos are visual content that represents a company's values, message, and products or services. These videos can take various forms: company overviews, product demos, customer testimonials, or even behind-the-scenes glimpses. 

Brand videos are pivotal in achieving the following: 

  • Building brand awareness: A captivating video helps you stand out in a crowded market. It offers viewers an unforgettable impression of your brand.
  • Fostering customer loyalty: Brand videos can create emotional connections. Viewers who relate to your message are more likely to stay loyal to your brand.
  • Driving conversions: A compelling call-to-action in your video can turn a curious viewer into a customer. Videos often simplify complex ideas to make it easier for viewers to take the next step.

With these objectives in mind, creating brand videos becomes essential to your marketing strategy.

That’s where Maekersuite acts as your ally in video content creation. With a variety of video marketing tools, Maekersuite streamlines the complex process of making brand videos. You can focus on telling your story while Maekersuite handles the technicalities.

6 Types of Branded Video (with examples)

When it comes to branded videos, one size doesn't fit all. There are different types to choose from, each serving a unique purpose. In this section, we'll explore six popular types of branded videos, with examples for each. This will help you understand which format would work best for your brand.

1. Product Explainer

Product explainer videos simplify complex products or services. It breaks them into digestible, easy-to-understand segments. They answer a product's 'what' and 'why,' often using animations, graphics, and engaging narratives.

Explainer videos captivate audiences by making even the most intricate concepts accessible. Consider Gorilla Glue Company’s video about their Gorilla Mounting Tape. This video turns a simple product into a must-have, explaining its benefits.

2. Company Culture

Company culture videos provide a window into the heart of an organization. They showcase the values, beliefs, and people that make a company unique. These videos humanize brands and allow viewers to feel a deeper connection.

Look at the company culture brand video by Capital Heating & Cooling. The video shows the core of the organization through interviews with passionate employees.

3. Testimonial

Nothing builds trust like genuine testimonials. These videos feature customers sharing their experiences with a product or service. They showcase how you address potential concerns and benefits of choosing your brand. Testimonial videos resonate with potential customers so that they can build trust and credibility.

Take a look at Blue Corona’s customer testimonial. In the video, a real customer discusses their experiences and explains why one can trust Blue Corona. This adds a layer of trust and credibility to the brand.

4. Product Demo

Product demo videos offer a hands-on view of how a product works. They highlight features, showcase benefits, and display the product in action. 

The product videos are beneficial for tech products or intricate machinery. They make it easier for viewers to understand the value of your product.

Want to see a product demo done right? Check out this video from Zendesk. It walks you through the product’s features and showcases them in action.

5. Case Study

Case study videos delve deep into specific instances where your product or service solved a problem or added value to a customer. They're detailed, data-driven, and showcase real-world applications of what you offer. Case studies are both informative and compelling. They help viewers understand the tangible benefits of your offerings.

If you seek a detailed, data-driven example, this case study video from Slack is worth watching. Sandwich Video Inc. discusses how Slack has been instrumental in their business success.

6. Brand Film

Brand films tell the overarching story of a brand. They're less about products and more about emotions, values, and the brand's larger vision. These videos evoke feelings and create a lasting emotional connection with the audience. 

IKEA's brand film is an excellent example. It speaks less about the products and more about lifestyle and values - in line with what 54% of consumers want to see more of from brands.

Why Do Brand Videos Work?

Visual storytelling taps into the way our brains process information. People process images and sounds 60,000 times faster than text. This speed makes brand videos a powerful medium for communication.

Consider the following aspects:

  • Evoking emotions: Videos can stir emotions better than any other form of content. When people connect, they are more likely to share, comment, and remember your brand.
  • Building trust: A well-made video allows viewers to see your product or service in action. This transparency builds trust and credibility while reducing buying hesitations.
  • Personal connection: Videos allow brands to tell stories in a relatable way. This storytelling fosters a sense of personal connection between the viewer and the brand.
  • Information retention: Studies suggest that people remember 95% of a message when they see it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text. Your message stays with the viewer longer and makes a lasting impact.

A recent study underscores the potency of brand videos. It found that 91% of consumers are eager to see more video content online from brands. This is why brand videos have the potential to work well. 

12 Creative Brand Video Examples

Stepping into this curated gallery of brand videos, you'll encounter diverse brands. Each brand has a unique narrative and creative flair. Let's look at these 12 successful examples and how they pulled it off. 

1. Toyota: Stories of Better

Toyota's brand video is a cinematic journey that speaks to a larger vision for the future. The brand presents solutions for diverse lifestyles and needs through various models like the Land Cruiser, GTR, and hybrids.

The brilliance of the video lies in its storytelling technique. Using animations adds a dynamic layer and illustrates how each car fits into different scenarios. Adding to the emotional impact is the curated background sound. 

If you want to craft a similar video that melds storytelling, then Maekersuite's script generator can be a game-changer. This AI-powered feature helps you develop a compelling script that serves as the backbone of your video. All you have to do is input your key messages and ideas, and the tool will generate a narrative that can be as resonant and dynamic as Toyota's.

2. Airbnb: Welcome

Airbnb's compelling video portrays travel as an experience that connects us all. The video's unique storytelling shines through miniature replicas that represent Airbnb properties. These small-scale models are the stage for a train journey where the brand’s message is to find a place where you belong.

Creative elements like miniatures add a layer of visual appeal and uniqueness that elevates the story. It's an imaginative approach to underline Airbnb's vision of making the world feel smaller and more connected.

3. Starbucks: Coffee Perfection

Starbucks' video takes viewers on an immersive journey, tracing the path of coffee from farm to cup. The storytelling uses striking visuals to show the farmer's dedication and the intricacy of coffee buying.

The brand has created each section to take the viewer deeper into the coffee. This way, Starbucks offers its viewers the chance to find their perfect brew.

The seamless blend of visuals and narrative creates an engaging experience. It's about providing viewers with a sensory tour that makes them appreciate the complexities of coffee. 

4. Coca-Cola: A Coke is a Coke

Coca-Cola's video, "A Coke is a Coke," is a strong example of conveying a universal message through a brand video. Vibrant colors and heartwarming scenes capture attention in no time. It invites viewers into a world where a Coke is an experience that transcends borders and backgrounds.

The unique messaging stands out because it emphasizes unity and inclusivity. Coca-Cola communicates that the simple pleasure of sharing a Coke is a universal experience. This emotional connection creates a memorable impression on viewers.

5. Hubspot

HubSpot's "Culture" video is a lively showcase of the company's internal dynamics. It features a wide range of employees, from founders to designers and marketers, all presented in a playful, parody-filled style. The video captures the essence of HubSpot's diverse and vibrant team, showing how each individual contributes to the company culture.

The mix of humor and heartfelt moments keeps viewers engaged. It also makes the message about the company's inclusive and innovative culture more memorable. This balance of lightness and depth creates an emotional connection with viewers. 

6. Lyft: The Story of Lyft

"The Story of Lyft" invites viewers on a captivating narrative through the brand's history using the character of Lyft as a guide. This animated adventure portrays the hurdles and victories involved in building the world's first peer-to-peer ridesharing community. Vibrant animations and strong storytelling components offer a rich and layered experience.

The storytelling approach succeeds in highlighting the visionary founders and their journey through animations. The compelling journey and vibrant animations work hand-in-hand to leave a memorable impact.

7. Dove Soap: Expert Advice for Baby’s First Bath

Dove's video featuring May Lane Doula goes beyond mere product promotion. It serves as an educational resource for new parents. Lane shares invaluable bath time tips that do more than keep babies clean; they transform a routine task into a special bonding moment. The video is enlightening in its approach, as it focuses on creating lasting memories rather than just achieving cleanliness.

May Lane Doula's expert tips and guidance, combined with practical demonstrations, give viewers information and peace of mind. The format elevates the video from a simple instructional guide to a holistic approach to parenting and wellness.

8. Koala: Never Uncomfortable

Koala's video collaboration with Vidico is a clever play on contrasts. It uses storytelling to illustrate life before and after experiencing the comfort of Koala's sofa and sofa bed. The video grabs attention by using relatable scenarios with which the audience can identify. 

The ingenious comparison of scenarios serves as the backbone of the video. It blends humor, relatability, and subtle promotion to create an engaging and compelling narrative.

9. Vervoe: Never Make Another Bad Hire

Vervoe's video, "Never Make Another Bad Hire," focuses on a universal problem in the hiring world: making the wrong choice. It introduces us to Rachel, an HR manager who is struggling with a poor hire. The video then presents the solution: Vervoe's AI-powered hiring platform.

The character of Rachel serves as a relatable figure that echoes the frustrations and challenges that many HR professionals face. When she discovers Vervoe, the story shifts from problem-focused to solution-oriented. The video does an excellent job of showing how Vervoe's platform can change the hiring game.

10. Cascade: The First Time

Cascade's video, "The First Time," tackles the convoluted world of organizational strategy. It uses relatable scenarios and striking visuals to depict the chaos often associated with strategic planning. The video stands out because it mirrors the collective struggles and frustrations many experience in organizational settings. 

Cascade's video excels at making a complicated subject relatable and engaging. It transforms abstract concepts of organizational strategy into concrete, understandable ideas.

11. LEGO: The Lego Story

"The LEGO Story" video is a feast for the eyes and the mind. Using engaging animations, it takes viewers on a historical trip. It starts with the brand's modest beginnings and ends with its grand achievements. This video serves as a tribute to LEGO's 80-year legacy and inspires viewers by showing the power of vision and persistence.

The LEGO video scores high in storytelling and visual appeal. It combines history, brand values, and inspiring messages.

And that’s where Maekersuite can help you. With Maekersuite, you can craft a narrative that tells your brand's story and resonates with your audience.

12. Slack

"So Yeah, We Tried Slack…" gives an authentic look into Sandwich Video Inc.'s journey with Slack. Adam, the founder, shares the backstory of how Slack’s founder approached them for a video. 

The narrative is cleverly structured. It starts with the team's old communication methods to set the stage for the transition to Slack. What makes this video remarkable is its real-world application. It demonstrates actual use cases and benefits to paint a vivid picture of how Slack improves team communication and workflow.

Tips on Planning and Strategizing Brand Videos with Maekersuite 

Maekersuite offers a variety of tools designed to streamline your content creation process. Here are the top tips on how to plan and strategize your videos through Maekersuite: 

Know your target audience

Understanding your target audience is a crucial first step in creating an impactful brand video. The examples of Airbnb and Starbucks show how well-defined audience insights can turn a video from visually appealing to emotionally resonating.

Instead of demographics, focus on tapping into their emotions, needs, and aspirations. Maekersuite offers tools that help you dive deep into audience insights, ensuring your video content resonates and strikes a chord. You can tailor your message to your audience's needs by leveraging keyword research.

Make a plan 

Behind every impactful video lies meticulous planning. It's about envisioning the story you want to tell and figuring out the best way to narrate it. With Maekersuite, the planning process becomes intuitive. From storyboarding to final edits, the platform offers tools that align with your vision. This ensures your brand video is both compelling and cohesive.

Tell stories that people want to hear

Narratives that resonate are the ones that echo the desires, dreams, and dilemmas of the audience. Craft stories that touch hearts and inspire action. With Maekersuite, you can tap into trending narratives that captivate.

Match your content to your brand voice

Your brand voice is unique and what sets you apart in a sea of content. Consistency in tone, messaging, and style is essential to make a lasting impression. Whether aiming for a playful tone or a more professional demeanor, Maekersuite aids in crafting narratives aligned with your brand's essence.

Feature your brand colors and logo

Visual identity plays a pivotal role in brand recognition. Your colors and logo are more than mere design elements; they're symbols of your brand's ethos. With Maekersuite, you can integrate these elements into your video, ensuring that every frame echoes your brand's identity and leaves a lasting imprint on the viewer's mind.

Create videos the easy way before investing in large productions

Start simple. Before diving into large-scale productions – that typically come with large-scale costs – use Maekersuite to create engaging videos. As you gain traction, you can then invest in more elaborate projects.

Share your brand video on social media

Sharing is more than just a click; it's about amplifying your message. By sharing your brand video on various social platforms, you increase its reach and engage with a broader audience. Engage, interact, and foster a community that resonates with your brand's message. With Maekersuite's insights, discover the best platforms and times to share, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement.

Ready to embark on your video journey?

Brand videos are more than visuals; they're experiences. As we've journeyed through some iconic examples, remember that with tools like Maekersuite, your brand can craft its own memorable story. 

To recap:

  • Creative storytelling, visual effects, and unique messaging make your brand video stand out.
  • Videos enhance brand awareness, build customer loyalty, and drive conversions.
  • Maekersuite's AI-powered tools, like Idea Generator and Video Script Maker, make creating your own compelling brand videos easier.

Enhance your video strategy using Maekersuite's AI-powered pre-production tool that analyzes trending and competitor content. You can be the creator of your brand's next unforgettable video experience.

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