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How to get started with Maekersuite

What we'll cover

Maekersuite is a video pre-production tool that helps research and write your scripts to set your video projects up for success. We use data and AI to generate the best possible support for you on your video creation journey.

Here is a quick overview of how to get started with Maekersuite.

  1. Sign up and confirm your email.
  2. Fill in your profile. We will use this information to inform the scripts and explorations later in the process.
  3. On the dashboard you will find 4 different access points to the features, all the scripts (aka projects) you have started, your explorations, saved ideas, and saved video analyses.

There are four main ways to use Maekersuite. Next we will quickly introduce you to these four. We would recommend checking all of these out but you can also decide to start with any one of them to look into first. If you are looking for video ideas and data-based insights to decide which videos you should make, start with explorations. If you are looking forward to using Maekersuite to support you in script writing, start with the Script Generator.

You can also view the video below to get familiar with Maekersuite.

Research your topics – Explorations

Explorations are a great way to get started with your videos. Here you can get data on how your videos are likely to perform. In order to generate explorations you need to first give Maekersutie your keywords. These keywords can be whatever related to a topic you would like to create videos on. It could also be a topic you have already generated videos in to get more ideas related to that topic.

The analyzing of the report takes 3-10 minutes depending on the complexity of the topic. In the report you will see:

  • Top 5 video ideas
  • Research overview
  • Graph of all the topics found for your exploration
  • List of all the topics found for your exploration

Analyze videos – Explorations

In the Exploration report we analyze hundreds of videos related to your keywords. But in order to get access to an individual exploration, you can use this tool. All you need is the URL of the video and we will do the rest.

Here you have two views, the Basic information and Advanced insights. To view more detailed information about the video like the summary, outline, sentiment, and transcript, you need to go to the Advanced insights tab.

To view all your previously analyzed videos head to the “Analyzed Videos” tab on your dashboard.

Note that the video has to have enough views and cannot be just published for the tool to work.

Script Generator – Script Writer

To get started with the Script Generator click the Generate a Script button on your dashboard. The tool will guide you through a set of briefing questions about the script you want to generate. Out of these questions you must at least fill in the Framework, Project title, Project duration, Language, and Content type. Everything else is optional.

Once you have filled in all the wanted information, you have two options: write the outline yourself or generate the outline using our AI. If you write your outline yourself we will use the briefing screen to inform the generation of the script together with your submitted outline. If you generate your outline using our AI we will first use the briefing information to generate the outline and then use the briefing info and the outline to generate the script.

After you have the script generated you will get access to our Ask-AI functionality. With the support of this tool you can edit your script with a similar chat functionality as Chat GPT. You can also use Quick actions like translate, change the length, or change the tone of the text.

At any point of this process you can decide to move to another stage of the process. You can also decide to want to generate a new project with all the same facts but use a different framework. To do this you can create a copy of the project from the briefing screen.

Write Scripts from Scratch – Script Writer

In some cases you might want to write the script yourself. Or you already have a script that you would like to edit using our Ask-AI functionality. That’s where Write from Scratch comes in handy. This will open you a completely blank project where you can start writing.

Didn’t find the information you were looking for? Reach out to us at or via our in-app chat.

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