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How to research videos – Explorations

Maekersuite offers state of the art capabilities for video research. We call this feature Exploration and in this article we explain in simple steps how it works.
What we'll cover

Maekersuite is a video pre-production tool that helps you research and write your scripts to set your video projects up for success. We use data and AI to generate the best possible support for you on your video creation journey.

An Exploration is what we call one research done based on your keywords.

Step 1.

Sign up to Maekersuite or log in with your existing user

Step 2.

On the dashboard look for the “Research a topic” block and in it click a button that says “Start exploration”.

Step 3.

Select in which language you would like your report in. 

Note that this does not guarantee that all your results are in that language but rather the interface is in that language. Videos and some of the suggestions might still be in English as that is simply the majority language online.

Step 4.

Write down your keywords separated with commas. This field works similarly to Google Search and the longer the keyword sentence or more keywords you include the more precise the results will be. Read more about keywords.

Step 5.

Give Maekersuite a moment to dig deep into your topic. We will give you notification once the report is ready. You can have a maximum of 3 reports generating at the same time in the background.

Step 6.

View your report either from a popup that shows up when the report is ready or navigating to Explorations on your dashboard.

And that is how you do an exploration. From the report, you can draw conclusions based on your goals and needs. Read more about the exploration report.

Didn’t find the information you were looking for? Reach out to us at or via our in-app chat.

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