Become a better storyteller using Data and AI

A Video Platform that predicts what works based on trends, to create amazing, original content 10X better.
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Love this product
I haven't been this excited about a product – shoot, anything actually – in a really, really long time...
February 2024
Awesome product and phenomenal support! I am more than impressed...
February 2024
Awesome product
For someone who's English is a third language, Maekersuite makes it easy to create a script...
February 2024
Creator's block cure
I'm very satisfied with my purchase. It has helped me get past the block of creating content...
February 2024
Tailored to my needs
I'm thrilled with Maekersuite! It's like having a magic wand for video content creation...
February 2024
Excellent research tool
If you make YouTube videos (or any content tbh), you should look at this...
January 2024
Great product
This is the tool you want to use for generating video content in your niches...
January 2024
Tool of my dreams
Literally what I have been looking for, for years. It will just keep getting better...
January 2024

How it works

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Discover relevant video ideas tailored to your audience, driven by data. Input keywords, let our AI analyze trends, and receive video suggestions based on what's hot in your niche.
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From titles to calls-to-action, craft entire story outlines seamlessly with our advanced AI. Inform, customize, and finalize them without the regular scriptwriting hassle.
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Generate Script

Now with a script in hand that's data-driven and personally crafted, you're set to create videos that engage, resonate, and drive growth.

Maekersuite is a simpler solution

No more paying for 5+ different apps! Maekersuite combines it all!

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Other Benefits

Save Time

Eliminate brainstorming hours by letting Maekersuite do all the hard research about trending topics and your competitors for you. Researching content has never been easier.

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Increase Quality

Our AI builds your storylines using the data of millions of videos, ensuring scripts not only resonate with your audience, but keep them hooked from the get-go.

Boost Creativity

Let us handle the technicalities of how to tell a great story that helps grow your business. Instead channel your creative vision and co-create with our AI.

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The video creation process and how Maekersuite helps you

We reduce research and scripting time by up to 85%, making you a faster and better storyteller

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What to use Maekersuite for

A pre-production tool for ideating, planning, creating and improving your video content.
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Get ahead of the competition by tapping into trending topics and curating content that aligns with your audience's interests.

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Social Media

Craft videos with precision, ensuring your brand message resonates and drives desired outcomes.

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Blend information and entertainment effortlessly. Keep viewers engaged while educating them.

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Educational Content

Make learning captivating. Create content that informs, engages, and makes knowledge retention easier.

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