Why Video Makes It Easier

Fundraising: Investors receive hundreds of pitches on a weekly basis. Find out how video can help your’s stand out from the rest.

by Joe Robinson

Investors can receive hundreds of pitches on a daily or weekly basis. To stand out from the crowd and deliver your pitch in a digestible format, a video pitch can be the perfect way to contact potential investors. We are watching more video content now than ever before, with around 500 hours of video uploaded to YouTube each minute. Developing a business pitch video can be the best way to capture an investor’s attention and ultimately land funding for your business. But, there are a few things to watch out for when producing your video that can make or break your pitch.

So, why is video so effective? Not only are business pitch videos accessible from anywhere, but they are quick, informative and personal to translate the message of your business to your potential investors. Entrepreneur Indiegogo research found that campaigns with a pitch video raise 4X more than campaigns without a pitch video. This article will dive into how you can create a strong business pitch video, what elements one should include, examine the editing and production style required and assess some successful examples of business pitches. Once you’re ready to make your pitch video, don’t forget to check out how to set yourself up and write the perfect script.


  • Keep your business pitch video succinct.
  • Be personal.
  • End with a call to action.
  • Ensure your video is visually interesting for investors.
  • Keep the most crucial information in the first 3-10 seconds.
  • Avoid harsh shadows on the face (this will likely distract viewers from your content).
  • How to Create a Business Pitch Video: Scripting

Hook the Investor

When creating a script for your business pitch, it is critical that the first thirty seconds are intriguing and gripping. Research has shown that viewers rely on the first 10-30 seconds of a video to capture their attention and decide whether they will continue to watch of the video. In these first few sentences, you should include a hook that makes your product stand out. For instance, include a shocking statistic relevant to your product or brand that can then lead to a strong story.

Strong storytelling is essential for a good business pitch. Yes, it needs to be dense in information, but it should also be interesting and not just a series of statements or statistics. There must be a strong narrative that leads the investor throughout your video. Working in blocks can really help here. Organising your script and filming into succinct sections will reduce time wastage and also improve the ease and effectiveness of the process. You will clearly be able to see what flows and what doesn’t work in your script, as well as film in manageable chunks.

Keep it Short

Investors are busy people, saturated with pitches. Keep your business pitch video short and sweet, ideally between 1 minute and 1 minute 30 seconds. As previously explained, viewer attention is limited and this stands even more so for investors. In your script you will need to include the benefits of your product and any unique opportunities your investment will bring.

Be Personal

While videos are more accessible now than ever before, the distance between you and the investor is therefore wide. Because of this, it is key to be personal and give the investors a sense of who you are and what they can expect from you. This interaction is potentially the first impression they will have of you and as such it is imperative to give a personal and descriptive overview of who you are as a brand.

Information to Include

Your pitch must highlight how your brand is unique and the benefits of investing in your product or company. As well as this, your pitch needs to include any key statistics relevant to your business and must end with a clear call to action. This would take the form of a direct statement, for example asking the viewer to call, contact or invest in your product or service today.

Production and Editing

The editing for the video should be clean and professional, with clear logos and contact information added at the end of the video. The audio should be loud enough to hear without any sibilance or background noise.

Case Study: Successful Examples

Though they are simple, pitch videos must be in depth and informative. A strong example of this content is the Uber pitch presentation. While visually your video should look very different to this, the content should be similar and it can serve as a good guide to start preparing your business pitch video. Whether you’re using footage of your business or delivering a talking head video, your pitch should be well-structured and informative, like that of Uber’s presentation.

Once you’re ready to make your pitch video, don’t forget to check out how to set yourself up and write the perfect script.