Using Video To Secure More Deals

Sales: Learn what devices and techniques you should use to maximise your videos’ sales potential.

by Joe Robinson

In a world where remote working is becoming the norm, traditional sales routes are falling out of popularity as businesses turn to online formats to generate publicity and advertise their product or service.

People watch more video content than ever before, with a Statista survey reporting the largest category of participants, at 27.2%, watch over 10 hours of online video per week. With online content taking precedent, new complications have arisen around how to create truly memorable marketing videos. Increased video production has led to intense competition, so creators are seeking innovative ways to stand out from the crowd and increase brand awareness.

At Maekersuite, we want to make content creation as clear as possible to help you to gain a competitive edge over other creators. To do this, it is key to deliver value in your content. This article will help you learn how to improve the quality and effectiveness of your videos and video content strategy, drive traffic to your site or business, and of course, generate sales.


  • Keep it short—cut out unnecessary language or jargon to increase engagement.
  • Keep every video consistent and on brand—through content, lighting, music and graphics.
  • Put your best foot forward—keep the most important and gripping information at the start of the video.
  • To boost optimisation, create a succinct and compelling title.
  • Choose a striking thumbnail—with a good quality camera and strong graphics.

Why Customer Service Needs Video

Customer service videos can be easy to produce. Ultimately, you are offering quick solutions to problems people would have previously spent lengths of time waiting on hold or in stores to solve.

Free and clear training will enable your business to provide exceptional customer service, giving options to customers to gain knowledge and solve problems from anywhere, improving their experience with your service or product. Customer support videos can decrease time wasted by quickly answering questions, help your customers support themselves, save on costs, and improve customer satisfaction by transforming the support process into an experience with a personal touch.

Make it Short

One of the key elements of great storytelling is to cut out as much unnecessary language or content as possible. This is particularly relevant when creating social media content or YouTube videos, which are often short and informative.

Keeping your video short and concise will help to increase engagement and improve the effectiveness of your story. When it comes to selling your story, you must have a compelling storyline that will appeal to your target audience. This is ultimately the most captivating element of the video, as we are attracted to a strong storyline that captures our attention. It helps if we, as viewers, can relate to the content.

Keep Every Video on Brand

The stronger, more poignant and memorable a story is, the longer it will resonate with an audience and imprint in the viewer’s minds. This helps with sales as customers are more likely to buy a product when they connect to the story behind it.

Here, consistency is key. Consider, what is the theme of your brand? Think about what feeling or idea you want to convey with your video? Does this fit with what you have created so far? Everything from your tone of voice to music choice should stay on-brand. This will make it easier for people to recognise your content, increasing the brand’s memorability and creating a unique yet consistent aesthetic. Maintaining consistency with the language that you use, as well as the music and graphics also adds to the aesthetics and brand, which is as equally important to your video. For example, if you are creating a corporate video, the music and graphics should all be professional, clean and clear, whereas creative videos can have more variety and vibrancy in their aesthetic.

Save the Best For First

Despite the popular saying, when it comes to video, you don’t want to save the best for last. Instead, to create successful video content, you should optimise your video to create a strong impression of your brand from the very beginning.

Facebook’s 2016 video consumption data analysis revealed that people who watch the first three seconds of a video will continue to do so for at least the first thirty seconds. Therefore, your video needs to be eye-catching and intriguing within the first few seconds to hook the viewer. An easy and effective way to do this is to compress the most vital information or discussion points into the first few seconds of the video, or to include a gripping fact at the start to entice your audience to keep watching your content.

Create a Compelling Title

To boost optimisation, you can also focus on creating a succinct title that will again, grab the audience’s attention and make it stand out.

Incorporating humour and wordplay into your title can help to improve its uniqueness and increase the likelihood someone will click on your video! However, depending on your brand, this should still maintain a professional feel. Where SEO is concerned, keywords are imperative to include, take some time to ensure these flow and fit organically into your title. If they feel forced this will decrease the effectiveness of your title and subsequently of your overall content and brand.

Choose the Correct Thumbnail

Lastly, for strong video content marketing, you need to make sure your thumbnail fits with your brand and aesthetic.

This is a key part of your video, and while some people don’t put much effort into this aspect of their content, this can be the difference between someone watching your content, or someone scrolling past your video. A great image requires a good quality camera and some video editing to help enhance the story told by the visuals.

If the thumbnail makes the person feel inquisitive about your video, through a combination of the title and the thumbnail, this will likely draw them in, creating engaging video content. When creating and choosing your thumbnail, the more eye-catching the better. However, steer clear of clickbait or misleading thumbnails as this will just discourage your audience from watching your content.

By following these guidelines, you will be able to create a strong video marketing strategy that will help your marketing sales service and team. For further advice on how to craft amazing videos to help your brand, don’t forget to check out how to create a powerful script for short video and be amazing on camera.